Thursday, March 6, 2008

Food Glorious Food - Make That Glorious Sopas

Checking out some of the Blogs I read on a regular basis I came across Evil Chef Mom and her spin on sopas. Basically sopas are a soft corn masa type bread. What makes them glorious is the stuff you put on the sopa.

Spousal Unit is from Southern California and grew up on Mexican food. I am from Jersey (Did I ever mention that I'm from Jersey??) and did not know what a taco was until I was 18 years old. That was many, many years ago, back in the Ice Ages. Anyway, growing up in a very small Jersey town we knew nothing of Mexican food.

After meeting Spousal Unit I became familiar with Mexican and came to love it myself. I have a talent that I can eat something while out and about and then go home and recreate the recipe.

I do not have this talent for anything baked. We live in an area that I have not been able to find a local source for acceptable sopas and hence the sopa recipe request.

Evil Chef Mom was kind enough to provide a recipe for me to make a special 29 year anniversary dinner for the Spousal Unit later in the month. He is leaving this Saturday for a couple of weeks to check out the new job and to find us a house to move into.

I am going to practice on #2 son while he is gone to perfect my technique. #2 son eats anything and everything so I know that when the anniversary rolls around the dinner will be perfect.

#2 son may not be happy with my beginning tries but Spousal Unit won't know the difference.