Friday, October 31, 2008

What To Wear On Halloween

Happy Halloween Everybody.

No, nothing will jump out at you or scare you don't need to worry!!!

What To Wear On Halloween.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Look Forward To More Coffee Mornings And Munchkins

I went for coffee yesterday morning. I met a gal online, in a group that I joined several months ago.

Remember when I was going through my "Give My Stuff Away" phase? Well, I did another Yahoo Groups search and found a large group of people reaching out to each other at this base.

I gleaned all sorts of information from this group and didn't feel so lonely, lost when I got here because of them.

I knew where to go to get my nails done. My only vice. Yeah right.

I knew about the online yard sales site. I bought some used fans, no air conditioning here, and a used chest freezer last week.

Really decent prices on thoses items. So I can get my nails done. Really, I'm not kidding, my only vice.

Anyway, this gal sells Partylite stuff and I kinda, sorta invited myself to the party she was having. I wanted to go, to get some STUFF, but more importantly to meet some people. Well, Spousal Unit and I got all involved in putting the house together that afternoon/evening and by the time I realized what time it was, it was too late to attend. Spousal Unit is like that.

Well, the gal e-mailed me back and we met for coffee yesterday. She is in the next town/village over and she is adorable. Really young, but adorable. I also got to meet her upstairs neighbor and their collective, several munchkins. I have two new coffee friends.

I kinda miss munchkins being around. Though the visual of the one mom talking about sucking her son's snot was a doozie. I know, I promised not to blog about it, but I just couldn't pass that one up.

I look forward to more coffee mornings and munchkins. I've decided I can be the favorite "Aunt She Who" for awhile.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Really Love This Place

The view from my third floor. We have our workout room up here along with the "office" and our romper room. Does that age me or what????

Our computers are on this floor and I come up here every morning to check e-mail and catch up with the news. Papers don't get delivered this far away from the base so, feeling news deprived, I hop online to find out what is going on in the world.

This is what I gazed at this morning. I love this place.

I really love this place.

Spousal Unit is gone for two weeks and I still love this place.

PS. I went shopping today. Tee Hee.

What's Left To Do?

I've been working on the house recently. It is starting to come together. Spousal Unit gave me 30 days to use him as my "Beast of Burden." That means that for 30 days I can move things about, or I should say that I can direct him to move things about.

We recently purchased the TV stand and put it together. It fits the wall space and I get my sofa table back.

The kitchen still needs a little work. Being so small little is the key word. Luckily Spousal Unit took OK pictures on his initial visit so I was able to judge what to bring. Actually I judged what to bring on all his pictures and he also provided measurements for the rooms and other areas.

The living area is adjacent to the kitchen. This is the largest area. It is supposed to be the dining area but go figure. My sofa and love seat wouldn't fit in the supposed area so I just flipped them. I found a small table and chairs that I put under the window (Upper left in the picture) so we have no excuse to eat on the coffee table every night. He did last night just so he can show me who's boss. Yeah right.

Below is the dining area, because I said so. It fits the furniture and we can play music without leaving our seat. That would be if the stereo worked. Looking for a new sound system in the near future.

All in all I am very pleased with the accomplishments we have made. The house is really coming together.

Until you get to the third floor. Oops! That photo is supposed to be in the before shots. Anyway I am not in too much of a hurry to get everything done. I guess I figure if I get the house done too fast what's left to do? SHOP?????

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Look Out World

I took my driver's test yesterday.

I passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The blue sign means the exit off the Autobahn. That would be me, exiting off the highway to go on my new adventures. I am no longer housebound.
Look out world. Here I come.

Friday, October 17, 2008

I Bet He Never Forgets Required Documents Again

OK class, since the Spousal Unit forgot to give me a set of orders for me to take my driving test, you get to suffer along with me through my continued studying. He might never live this down. That or he better bring me some really good stuff from his trip next week.

Below are listed some of the study tools required to be memorized for passing the test. See if you can figure out the right-before-left laws. HINT: Whoever is on the right has the priority. Usually.

My first choice is to say the the bicyclist has priority. Wrong. Because he is turning left that takes him out of the running and car #2 gets to go first. It probably isn't wise to turn in front of a semi either.

What order may the vehicles proceed. This is an easy one. 1-2-3. Unmarked intersections are right-before-left.

What does the driver of vehicle 2 have to do? This one is straight forward also, even though it looks a little weird. Vehicle 2 has to observe the right-away of vehicle 3. The hot red sports car gets to go last.
When may vehicle 3 proceed? After vehicles 1 and 2. The biker has a yield sign and must wait for the two vehicles that have the priority. He is gonna love following that horse drawn wagon.

Which two vehicles have to wait at these junctions? Did you guess vehicles 2 and 3? Good, because that's the correct answer. It hurts my brain but.... vehicle 4 is on the priority at this intersection so #3 has to yield, and vehicle 1 is right-before-left.

OK, class is over for today and we will resume our lessons early tomorrow.

Spousal Unit is just starting his lessons. Tee Hee! He is taking me shopping this weekend. As in, tonight, tomorrow and Sunday. The stores are open this Sunday, which is very unusual. So, I get to fix his little red wagon. He hates shopping. I bet he never forgets required documents again.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

German Signs

I have been studying for my driver's test. I was supposed to have taken it today but Spousal Unit messed up and didn't give me a set of orders. I really think he wants to keep me out of the stores so I don't go shopping. He gave himself a new acronym name on the way home, ISU - Inconsiderate Spousal Unit. Today the name fits. If only because I have to go back to studying the booklet over the weekend to make sure I pass the test on Monday.

OK, class give it your best shot for what these signs mean. Answers to follow.

Sign #1 On coming traffic is going to trash your paint job. Use alternate travel route.

Sign #2 Parking for gay hikers only.

Sign #3 Your car is going to end up in the river. Don't drive on this road.

Sign # 4 Look for the pretty snowflake. While driving at 120 mph.

Sign #5 Big kids kicking the Sh!! out of the little kids. A bully alert.

Sign #6 Hope your're going in the right direction and that the new shocks work.

He Really Wants to Keep Me Out of the Stores

Fahrvergn├╝gen is a German word that means "the pleasure of driving", and it must've been coined to describe driving in Germany. The country has an extensive, well-maintained road network, signposting is excellent, and Teutonic cars are among the best on the planet. While taking the train will get you most places, sometimes a car may be your preferred (or necessary) means of transport. (Brian's Guide to Driving in Germany)

I have been studying all this past week to test for my driver's license.

The rules of the road are quite different in Germany than in the States and therefore studying is essential to pass the test. The study guide is over 60 pages long and is one of the most confusing booklets I have ever read.

I should be a pro at taking this test by now since I have held a military license for Germany 3 times in the past. This would be my 4th time for this type of license.

Well, the brain is fried from all the studying I've been doing. I took the study test yesterday and did rather well. True, I missed a couple, but only a couple and I am up to speed for the test.

I needed to get up early to be at the base by 7:15 this morning to sign in and take the test. I got up, showered, had some coffee, and studied the guide for a few more minutes before Spousal Unit drove me to the base.

The drive in was pleasant. We live in a small village that is about 20 minutes away from the base. The roads are good, though driving through the many small towns can be a challange with all the stop and go traffic caused by parked cars on the sidewalks and streets.

We arrived in plenty of time for Spousal Unit to drop me off and for me to fill out the forms. I approached the counter to hand in the paperwork and was told that I needed a copy of Spousal Unit's orders to continue.

While waiting for the Spousal Unit to arrive with orders in hand, the testing room door was shut. No testing for the "She Who" today.

I made an appointment to test this coming Monday.

I've decided that he really wants to keep me out of the stores.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My God Did He Look Good

I drove to the airport early. Noting that when I arrived in Newark, everything that coould go wrong did and I wanted to give myself plenty of time to get lost, make a wrong turn, yada, yada.

I did make a couple of wrong turns and almost got smushed by a tractor trailer on my A$$.

When I got to the terminal I went to the wrong floor, stood in the wrong line, and forgot to take my cell phone out of my pocket while going through security. All in all everything went smoothly.

When I got to my seat a young man was occupying it. I mentioned that I believed he was in the wrong seat. He moved over. Later the flight attendant spoke with my seat mates and said after take-off they could move to the back row and share three seats between the two of them. She then came back and offered me the back three seats thinking, that I wanted to sleep (I always carry my own pillow). I gladly accepted. I really don't like to fly and usually have not been able to sleep anywhere except in bed most of my life.

We were served dinner, I ordered two drinks, watched the movie Get Smart, and promptly went to sleep. I slept most of the flight, waking just in time for the continental breakfast as the cart went by.

After eating, were in the air for just another 40 minutes.

Landing I found my way to baggage and then through Customs. I breezed through Customs and walked out the door. Guess who was there waiting for me?

Spousal Unit. My god did he look good.