Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Boys and Their Toys - A Visual

I am having a really hard time getting my pictures uploaded to the blog. I had originally wanted to show the progression of boys and their toys.

This arrived in the mail two days ago and Jim immediately took it out of the box, before reading any directions and flew the helicopter. It crashed. (He is a man... so the directions were not required).

No noticeable damage was noted.

He hasn't been able to get it to fly again, yet. So he is tinkering and checking out what went wrong.

Well, since I wasn't able to upload anymore pictures I just have to cut to the chase.

Gratuitous buns shot.

I Have Yet Another Post That Will Not Load

Staying with my other Gal Pal, Waki Jaki, I am experiencing, yet more intermittent web access.

My wonderfully, awesome post of the night will not load and you really need the visuals to appreciate what I wanted to say.

Think, cute male buns.

I will continue trying to load the pictures for the post and will post later tonight, if successful.

Sweetness, Waki's husband does have cute buns, just not as cute as yours.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Love You Too, Hon. Go Back to Sleep

I called Son # 2 today. My anger has dissipated.

Being the loving and giving person that I am, I woke him up from a dead sleep.

I started the conversation with, "Morning Hon. Did I wake you up?"

Sleepy Boy said, "Yeah, what time is it?"

I replied, "9:00am."

Still Sleepy Boy replied "What's up?"

The loving and caring Mom who is trying to let go and still has some apron strings attached said, "I got to thinking. I am going to give you a 'one time good deal.' You did a stupid thing and you need to learn a lesson. That said, I will pay half of the bill. I am not going to make you pay all of the cell phone charges. You'll have to pay half, but I don't want to drain all your resources, especially with me leaving. Oh, by the way, next time you think about doing something that may or may not be a possible stupid, call me and ask."

"Thanks Mom, I really appreciate the help. I love you."

"I love you too, Hon. Go back to sleep."

Sunday, July 27, 2008

When Is This All Going to End???


The cell phone telephone bill is really large this month. It seems that Son # 2 has been calling his girlfriend internationally for the past several weeks. I learned of this tonight when I got a call from AT&T on your cell phone. I think it is wonderful that they called after the fact that the monthly statement has been closed.

Calling on Spousal Unit's phone they say "Mrs. 'She Who,' there has been some unusual activity on your account, and we are just verifying that you know about this international calling, because this type of calling is so unusual for your calling activity."

"No, I did not know of any activity for international calling, just what are we talking about?" I think it is rather strange that just a day or two after the closing of the bill they decide to call me.

Anyway, I was able to have them adjust 700.00 dollars off the bill and we, I guess, have to eat the rest of it.

Even so, the bill is $1010.00. I pulled the money out of Son # 2's savings account and informed him that he will have to pay for his mistake. He is not happy about this, but acknowledges responsibility.

When is this STUFF going to end???

She Who

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Have Usually Lived in a Semi-rural Setting, Just Not This Rural

Living with the Waki Jaki is a little different than with my other friends. My other friends live in a subdivision with acreage, just outside of the town we lived. The amenities of country life are available to them, while the convenience of town life is only a moment away. Much like the life I lived, though on the other side of town.

I am out now out in the the real country surrounded by corn fields. Travel to work is thirty five minutes rather than the ten minutes I was used to having. Slight adjustments are going to be required for the morning routine.

It is very peaceful here and you can almost hear the corn growing in the fields. The majority of it is field corn for sale and the feeding of the livestock. There is a small patch of sweet corn nestled into the field corn, hidden so that passing by locals don't steal the corn. I understand that the stealing of sweet corn has occurred in the past and the reason why they need to hide the patch.

This family has young munchkins, so the house buzzes, at times with the voices of two little boys. They are sons of a farmer, and therefore have chores they do when they get up in the morning to help out their parents. They assist with the feeding of the livestock and horses.

The youngest boy helped his Mom pull weeds in the garden late this morning, while the older boy went with his Dad to help dig a trench for the water pipe to bring water from the well to help irrigate some of the fields.

This is going to be a totally new experience for me staying out here for the next several weeks. I have usually lived in a semi-rural setting, just not this rural.

Friday, July 25, 2008

I Am At A New Place

I moved today. I am out at my Waki Jaki's house.

I am out in the country. A new country. So far out, that many people carry their passports to go visit.

We have cows, steers, horses, and critters.

Gee, golly, whizz. I am on a new adventure. Pictures to follow.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Being the Ignorant,Non-thong Wearing Person, That I Am

I took a break with a coworker this morning. On the way out the door she said that she had a "funny" to share.

“You know how sometimes when you don’t do the laundry, the underwear gets really funky with the selection available?” Well she hadn't done laundry in awhile and had a limited selection of unmentionables left that were clean. The thought of going all Commando was not an option, so she wore a thong.

The conversation then turned to not having worn a thong in awhile and not having any normal underwear that was clean. She felt that she had a wedgie most of the morning because she wasn’t used to wearing a thong recently.

Being the ignorant, non-thong wearing person, that I am, I asked if a person gets a Heinie callus after wearing a thong for some time and if that the callus will ease thong wearability.

"No, silly you just get used to the dental floss up the butt." She then, further educated me about the different types of thongs available and the wearing of white pants... one really should wear beige colored thongs versus white to hide the unmentionables.

She said that "After awhile, the thicker versions really feel like a wedgie with all that fabric up the butt."

Yet another OMG. I got an education today.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Weak Mind Wandering

OMG, I go from not doing a thing, to do to working my A$$ off all day!

The new Gal is off to Paris tomorrow morning for two weeks and the stuff really hit the fan. The two of us were just buried under work. She needed to tie up loose ends and I hope she emails me to let me know what I need to finish.

I left her this evening with the advice... Don't get into an elevator at the Eiffel Tower with a Frenchman. Ya kinda have to have been there, to appreciate a Frenchman on a Summer day.

My nail appointment. My lovely nail appointment. I can let my nails grow out again. The houses are done and rented and OCCUPIED!!!!!!! It will take awhile but I can once again have my vanity back. YEAH.

The cats haven't puked yet. True, I really didn't go searching for any puke, would you? They have also decided that they love me. I am feeding them this week.... so what's not to love?

To show their love, they hauled A$$ through the bathroom this morning, up on the side of the tub, into the tub, and back out through the house. The two cats sounded like a herd of horses. Thank God I wasn't takin' a sip of coffee, I would have spewed, it was so funny.

Well that's all for now, it is just my weak mind wandering, for the moment.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

She Lives So Far Out That ...

I am so boring right now. I have nothing to post. Well, maybe.

I got up 15 minutes late and fed the cats. My gal pal and Mr. Determined went to Florida out of the blue and I am still here. Though now, I am doing house sitting duty.

I am moving to a new gal pal's house this Friday. Hopefully, I can gain a new perspective and show you the country life. She lives in another country.

Inside joke. She lives so far out that few people visit, thinking they need to bring their passports to get in and out of the country.

I went to work. I came home from work. Work was OK, I had something to do today. With me leaving, giving so much heads up, the bosses were able to hire my repacement several months ago. I just monitor what she is doing now , so I really don't have too much to do, which drives me crazy. Very short trip.

Short trip, I know, but I really like being busy, to make the day flow quickly.

Monday, July 21, 2008

OMG, I Just Lost My Post

I love living in a rural setting. I can Blog and save the post, and the post just disappears. YUP, I love livin' in the country.

Later, I will try to reconstruct. Right now, I am going out into the glorious MidWest heat and Sweat.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Supposedly - Maybe I Can Get Some Sort of Life

The house is supposedly rented as of today.

I haven't heard from the property manager, so I guess everything went well.

I called Son #1 and yelled and screamed at him 'cause he promised to do things that were not done. He called me back, after receiving the message, at 9:30 am, to tell me that he was on the way over to accomplish some of the tasks.

Wow. Great.

Now he is getting in the zone and we are out of time. At least he is cleaning the pool and it will look sparkly for the new tenants.

It is now ten of seven in the evening and I haven't heard from the property management company or the new tenants.

Maybe this is a good thing, maybe I can relax.

Maybe I can get some sort of life.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Mr. Determination, Greenpeace, and Save the Turtles

Husband of Gal Pal, that I am staying with, called to me this morning. "Nell, are you decent?" (I was in the bathroom doing my morning ablutions, but was just about done and had the door open.)

"Will you come here, now?" He asked.

I answered, "What's wrong?"

"Just come here now."
Mr. Determination, Greenpeace, save the turtles. In his jammies no less.

We went outside to the pool and he pointed to the turtle in the pool. As we approached the turtle went into dive, dive, dive mode and attempted to avoid detection.

Mr. Determination went into the search and retrieve mode. Not a pretty sight. Funny, but not pretty.

That poor turtle just did not want to be freed from the pool. Finally success. We, and I use that term very loosely, "caught" the turtle.

We put him in the grass. He was all green and slimy. He must have been spending time in a nearby pond or runoff ditch.

It was 6:00am. How do you start your days?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Got My Passport Today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got my Passport today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't go see Spousal Unit yet. But I can when the time comes.

Let's just forget about the YUCKY passport picture. It still works. As long as the Customs people acknowledge that the crazy looking Bozo is really the same person as the long haired curly girl.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Am Looking Forward To Driving Blacky In Europe

Blacky is fun to drive. Spousal Unit's father gave us this car. He can't drive anymore and the Spousal Unit and Son #2 flew out to get the car. They had an awesome road trip on the way back.

We name all our vehicles. Even the lawn mowers. This vehicle was called Blacky.

I will not drive Blacky in the States. I have a lead foot and the last time I drove Blacky I looked down and saw that I was going 90 in a 50 speed limit zone. No more Blacky for me.

On the Autobahn. That's another story.
I can go ZOOM. As long as it is not in the construction zones.

The German Politzei (Police) have cameras installed in the constructions zones that take really great pictures that are sent with the ticket informing you to pay a "bazillion Euros" for the ticket.

Euros at this point in time are expensive.

I am looking forward to driving Blacky in Europe.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Friday Dribs and Drabs - Lots of Dribble

I spoke to Spousal Unit this morning. Yeah!

The van was finally released from the customs hedoublehockysticks void. Blacky the sportster car is also in-country and Spousal Unit plans to drive up to the port, next week, to pick it up.

Spousal Unit finally got to have a sit down with his boss and do an intake interview. He came away feeling really great about where he is and where the job is going to take him.

I had my first really great day today in a long time. I have the weight of MY world off my shoulders. The house is rented. I had Boys help me clean out the dredges, and I only have a few things that need to be done.

My Girl Pal wants me to give up the ghost, saying that the house is rented and to stop doing STUFF. I say that I am getting a good rent and I want to provide value for that rent.

Son Number One is at the friends cabin this weekend. Pray for him. Last year, he in his infinate 21 year old wisdom, decided to jump the cabin in a 4 wheeler. Permanent scars and a cracked rib later he decided that 4 wheelers are not to his taste. I sent him off with a hope that he has a good and safe time.

Have a great weekend I'll be back online Sunday night, hopefully.

Friday, July 11, 2008

New Fashion Trend - OMG, WTF

I love this fashion statement. NOT. I hope they were washed first. Major ICK factor.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Two Down - None To Go

I leased my house yesterday.

Felt really tired the the day before. Son Number One called my cell phone at two in the morning. He was locked out of the house and needed in. I got out of bed to answer the phone and let him in the house.

The problem was I couldn't get back to sleep, so I gave up the ghost, and stayed up. I decided to call in sick again. I am so naughty recently. I determined that there were lots of errands and chores that could be accomplished in my sleep deprived state that needed to be done and work was not one of them.

I went to the property management company to deliver the photos of the house because my connection to the Internet has been shaky at best recently. I also got another sign for the end of the lane. The company put a sign on the property near the house but unless someone knew to look for the house, drivers wouldn't see the that the house was for rent.

Late in the afternoon I was outside the house taking a break with the boys when a car pulled up the lane. A lady got out and said that they were doing a drive by so that they could view the house the next day.

I asked her if she wanted to take a quick peek now. When she realized I was the owner and not the cleaning lady she agreed to take a look.

An hour and a half later the whole family was drooling and asked what they needed to do to sign the lease. I called the property management company and put them on the phone. They went to the management office and filled out the rental application. I got a call later that night and was told they qualified. They signed the lease the yesterday.

I passed the reinspection for the occupancy permit today. They move in next Thursday. My cleaning and painting saga are coming to an end. The house looks really good and I can get a life again.

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008)

I just heard about this video today. My boys have known about if for some time.

Too cute

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I Started Lusting Again

The past few days I have been driving around in the Big Red Truck with lots of stuff in the truck bed. I feel like a character out of the Beverly Hillbillies. All I need is Granny sitting back there in her rocker.

I cleaned out the other house for the new renters to move in. The yucky old tenents left lots of CRAP in the house and I was at the eleventh hour to get the stuff out, so I threw it in the back of the truck. Didn't know what else to do with it. Much of the CRAP was too big to put into the regular trash.

I just didn't know what to do with the CRAP.

I started Lusting. Lusting for a dumpster. Everywhere I went I looked for businesses with dumpsters. Where the dumpsters were slightly hidden, with no cameras, to do a covert dump in the middle of the night.

Lordy, the last thing I need to do is get arrested for illegal dumping, stealing someone's dumpster space.

My painter guy, Bo said that I could use his dumpster. My god, he is my hero. His wife Pam is my nail fixer upper and put me onto him. I can't thank them enough.

Monday, July 7, 2008


I am stuck on bandaids and bandaids stuck on me.

Lately bandaids are my new BFFs.

Friday, July 4, 2008

I Will Be A Happy Woman

Things are starting to wind down. Here it is the 4th of July and the only fireworks I am seeing right now are the blinding whiteness of the doors. Did I mention that I have 45 doors???????? All needing at least two coats of paint. Many needing three.

I am getting white blindness from checking the doors to make sure that I didn't miss any spots. The doors are all rehung and and I only have 1 1/2 doors to go and then I am done painting.

If I never see another can of paint in my life, I will be a happy woman. I taste and smell paint. I dream of paint.

If I never see painters tape again, I will be a happy woman.

Son Number One mixed up a couple of doors and put them back in the wrong rooms. My Gal Pal's husband and I were trying to rehang a couple of doors that just weren't fitting in the hinges. I got the bright idea to check some of the other doors and found some that fit the hinges. Yeah!!! One less hassle to deal with.

If I never have to rehang another door, I will be a happy woman.

Never, never ever rehang doors again.

My Internet Connection Is Really Shaky Right Now

Please bear with me, my internet connection is really bad and I am having a hard time connecting.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

This Toast Was The Dry Run For The Real Thing

I don't know why he is peeking through the blinds, but this is the husband of my gal pal. He is strange like that. I just had to add this picture. It doesn't have anything to do with the post, but I wanted to add it anyway. Maybe another "She Who" ADD moment.

This is the anniversary present my gal pal gave her husband, in anticipation of the engagement party, I want one too. It goes really well with the pool. This picture also doesn't have anything to do with the post either. I just really like the cooler.
Getting ready for the best wishes toast.
More getting ready, to toast the soon to be bride and groom.
The toast. All participants were really nervous to be the center of attention. The best man, Trez, did a really good job and we told him that this toast was the dry run for the real thing.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

They Are Too Adorable

We put up a gazebo for the guests. A little flimsy but it worked. The guests liked it.

On one of the tables we had flowers for the Bride. Two dozen plus one to grow on.
I cooked for a few days and put out a table of food for the guests. This is only one of the tables of food.
Lindsay loves chocolate covered strawberries. We made them for her.
The soon to be Bride and Groom. They are too adorable and perfect for each other.