Sunday, July 27, 2008

When Is This All Going to End???


The cell phone telephone bill is really large this month. It seems that Son # 2 has been calling his girlfriend internationally for the past several weeks. I learned of this tonight when I got a call from AT&T on your cell phone. I think it is wonderful that they called after the fact that the monthly statement has been closed.

Calling on Spousal Unit's phone they say "Mrs. 'She Who,' there has been some unusual activity on your account, and we are just verifying that you know about this international calling, because this type of calling is so unusual for your calling activity."

"No, I did not know of any activity for international calling, just what are we talking about?" I think it is rather strange that just a day or two after the closing of the bill they decide to call me.

Anyway, I was able to have them adjust 700.00 dollars off the bill and we, I guess, have to eat the rest of it.

Even so, the bill is $1010.00. I pulled the money out of Son # 2's savings account and informed him that he will have to pay for his mistake. He is not happy about this, but acknowledges responsibility.

When is this STUFF going to end???

She Who