Friday, July 18, 2008

Mr. Determination, Greenpeace, and Save the Turtles

Husband of Gal Pal, that I am staying with, called to me this morning. "Nell, are you decent?" (I was in the bathroom doing my morning ablutions, but was just about done and had the door open.)

"Will you come here, now?" He asked.

I answered, "What's wrong?"

"Just come here now."
Mr. Determination, Greenpeace, save the turtles. In his jammies no less.

We went outside to the pool and he pointed to the turtle in the pool. As we approached the turtle went into dive, dive, dive mode and attempted to avoid detection.

Mr. Determination went into the search and retrieve mode. Not a pretty sight. Funny, but not pretty.

That poor turtle just did not want to be freed from the pool. Finally success. We, and I use that term very loosely, "caught" the turtle.

We put him in the grass. He was all green and slimy. He must have been spending time in a nearby pond or runoff ditch.

It was 6:00am. How do you start your days?