Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Am Looking Forward To Driving Blacky In Europe

Blacky is fun to drive. Spousal Unit's father gave us this car. He can't drive anymore and the Spousal Unit and Son #2 flew out to get the car. They had an awesome road trip on the way back.

We name all our vehicles. Even the lawn mowers. This vehicle was called Blacky.

I will not drive Blacky in the States. I have a lead foot and the last time I drove Blacky I looked down and saw that I was going 90 in a 50 speed limit zone. No more Blacky for me.

On the Autobahn. That's another story.
I can go ZOOM. As long as it is not in the construction zones.

The German Politzei (Police) have cameras installed in the constructions zones that take really great pictures that are sent with the ticket informing you to pay a "bazillion Euros" for the ticket.

Euros at this point in time are expensive.

I am looking forward to driving Blacky in Europe.