Monday, March 31, 2008

I Did the Deed Today

I did the deed today. I have been putting it off forever. I didn't wanna do it, I really didn't wanna do it. I had to. I want to go to Germany.

I had to get my picture taken.

I had to get my picture taken for my passport. I can't remember the last time I allowed a real, no kidding picture of me to be taken. I usually cheese it up and do a swirly hair in front of the face thingee. I just do not photograph well anymore.

I used to be cute. Perky was brought up on occasion. Now, I just feel, who.... is that person, that is supposed to be me, in that photo????


I did it because I want to go with Spousal Unit.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Meet, Greet, and Eat

One of the gals I work with I nicknamed "Wee One." Her girlfriend came into town for a long weekend to see friends and to let everyone meet the new baby. He is six months old and adorable, as babies tend to be.

Well, Wee One came up with the great idea of having many of the people in her life all get together for a Meet, Greet, and Eat luncheon. She coordinated a lovely menu. Created the template for the menu and had individual cartes available. The balloon bouquets were tangled so a couple of us got together and untangled them to create two bouquets. (As an aside - Undomestic Diva, I got to see what one of the balloon holder downers looks like clothed).

Wee One had decided that Sarah, her girlfriend, had a too limited an amount of time to visit with everyone, so instead she brought everyone together in one place. The luncheon was held at a little bistro a few towns away. The bistro has been in operation a little over a year and has most of the kinks worked out. The food is a mixture of European and New Orleans cuisines.

Anyway the atmosphere was great, the cast of characters unique and lovely, and the food awesome.

I had marinated feta, Tabasco buttered shrimp, Vidalia Onion romaine salad, and a Po' boy - Andouille sausage and ham muffaletta.

For dessert Wee One followed my suggestion of an English Trifle. Instead of strawberries she used peaches which was a nice change.

I avoided the Dreaded Basement for a few hours (Bliss) and learned something new.....

You can get baby boy balloons!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

the vegetable orchestra

I came across this the other day. How creative.

Back at you Chet

I need to take some time off.

I am feeling really pressured by the timeline that has been presented. I will post when I can, but will not be able to post every day as I have in the past.

Please bear with me. I need to get ready for the move.

I am a stressed, "She who" right now.

Back at you Chet.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy 29th to My Spousal Unit

These feet have been together for 29 years. They kinda know each other. They have done a lot of walking together.

Spousal Unit is a Manly Man. He is not ashamed to wear pink or cook as needed or required.

He is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. See him getting ready to leap that building?

Today, I want to count my blessings.

I do this every day, but today in particular is special. 29 years ago I said I do, Spousal Unit said I do, and we are still together.

We have each other and are good friends with each other. We have two grown boys/men as sons. We both made it through the teenage years of our sons and didn't pull all of our hair out. Its a lot more grey, but we survived.

I named this Blog "She Who" What???? in honor of one of my nicknames Spousal Unit bestowed upon me. Originally, he call me "She Who Must Be Obeyed." It has since been shortened to "She Who" or just "She." My response to this is: What????

We have a good life together. We have friends we love that return our love. We are starting a new chapter in our life soon and we are both too excited for words.

Sweetness, I really, really love you.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Have a Happy and Blessed Easter

I hope you and yours are having a wonderful Easter.

We are spending the day together as a family.

Hugs across the Net to you all.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Oh, the Joy of It All

I'm a little down today.

Spousal Unit has started working with the Relocation people. He just received a message concerning the preparation required for the move. We must inventory everything that we own and assign a value to each item.

We normally do this type of inventory for any move we make.

I go around the house and pull my Stuff out of the china cabinet or storage drawers and take pictures. I, being the Good "Pack Rat" that I am, have all the original sales receipts. Spousal Unit, the methodical financial wizard that he is, files them all down in individual files sorted by the type of Stuff.

Being the former Military Spouse Pack Rat that I am, I also have the original boxes to pack Stuff for the anticipated move. For instance, I still have the box for the Grandfather clock that Spousal Unit bought for me as a college graduation gift 25 years ago.

OK, back from the tangent to the Relocation people message.

On the form there are line items for sofas, lamps, tables, chairs etc. the normal type of items one would include on an inventory.

This form Amps it up and has lines for the number of suits, slacks, shirts, ties, number of socks, and underwear.

Spousal Unit sent a message back to the Relocation people requesting clarification of the original message.

The response was very similar to the original message.

My gee, golly, jumping up and down from the sheer joy....... of counting every pair of socks and pieces of underwear in the house and assigning a replacement value for it.

I'm going back down to the basement now.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Must Be in the Air

Checking out the blogs I am sure that Spring must be in the air.

So much positive stuff on the net.

This is great. This is awesome. (one of my favorite words Awesome, right after Whatever).


I think that it is Awesome that Spring is coming (according to the calendar it has already come) and it seems, that in some places around the country, it has already Arriven. (Arriven, I love that word too).

Kudos on that. I have hope.

PS. I'm gonna spend some time with Spousal Unit tonight. You all spend some time with your special person also. That's an order. You know you want to.

Another House and I Get a Spousal Unit Home Tonight

The house I saw tonight is a very nice house that will be available in mid-June. The landlord (speaks English) is willing to wait until 1 July. If you look at Google Maps, follow the road out of Glan-Muenchweiler on the east side of the river north. The next town (2k) is Rehweiler. Rehweiler is a village where some investors built some new houses. There are 2 more houses in construction on Roedelbach. There is a gasthaus in town, but it was not open today. There are several restaurants in Glan-Muenchweiler and some in Matzenbach (3k). There is also a bakery and a market in G-M. Again, this house is about 15k from the place of work with most of the route autobahn. Rehweiler also has a bahnsteige Train station where every hour there is a train to Kaiserslautern and Kuesel. The bahnsteige is about 4 blocks away.

The house sits on a hillside on the west side of town. It is on a dead-end street with about 15-20 houses. You will notice in the Uphill, Downhill, and Front pictures that there isn't much space for parking in front and the grade of the hill. There is a garage large enough for the van. We would have to park Blacky (Spousal Unit's car-his father fixes up cars gave it to him when he was no longer able to drive.) (Its a little Mercedes roadster. Its fun to drive. She who will not drive it in the States. She who values her drivers license too much) outside. There is no grass in front; it is planted with small flowers and a couple shrubs.

Going downstairs, you enter the living room. There is an office to the left. If you look at the Back view, the large window in the middle and the 2 windows to the left are the living room. The 2 windows to the right are the office. The back of the house has southern exposure.

The backyard is very large. In the picture (sorry for the blur) (Much too blurry to post - Spousal is not the photographer in the family) you will notice a line of brown grass which looks to be just in front of the trees. That is the end of our responsibility, and there is a slope that goes down to the creek. The landlord has a gardener that comes twice a year to tend the hillsides on the side of the house.

The house doesn't look very large from the front, but the rooms are very large. On the entry floor, you have a kitchen on the right side. The kitchen is close to the size of house we own in town that is now a rental with a large area for the table. There is a small patio outside the kitchen. Across the entry way is the laundry room, a bath room, and a storage room that is probably about 6X10. All of the rooms except the kitchen and the entry bathroom are floor heat (gas). The entry way has a granite floor, and the bedrooms have parquet.

Going up from the entry way, there are 2 large bedrooms (windows on either side of the balcony in Back view) and a bathroom (tub, no shower) in the middle of the balcony. Continuing up the stairs, there are 2 more bedrooms (windows in Downhill and Uphill views) that are about the size of son #1's room. (Not a bad size) The only drawback is that part of the ceiling slopes. The third bathroom (with shower) is at the front of the house. You continue up the stairs from the bathroom toward the back of the house, and there is an attic that goes across the entire width of the house.

The house is only a couple of years old. My main concerns are the hill, the parking, and the lack of a bakery and gasthaus in walking distance. (Like my hips need a bakery in walking distance) We would constantly be going up and down the stairs. Not insurmountable. (Hips might get to like the stairs) You can see the dish on the roof so satellite is available. I told Sabine the real estate rental agent that I would have to send the pictures to you and discuss it. The landlord agreed to show the house early because I was leaving, but Sabine will probably not actively show it until mid-May. Please look at the pictures, and we can talk about it.


S (That means Spousal Unit)

Sorry for the disjointedness of the layout of the post tonight. Usually I just ramble on and I am not proficient with the insertion of photos yet. This too shall come. That's all for now folks. The Spousal Unit is coming home tonight and I need to get ready. Tee Hee.

* She who edits

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spousal Unit and the House Hunt

This is a reply to one of the houses Spousal Unit inquired about. Not really.

UPDATE: The landlord really did send out this email to us to apply for the house. I just inserted my comments. The only changes are marked in red.

The Earthy comment was just a tactfull remark made by Spousal Units's boss. The place really smells buffaloey. True, no grass to mow cause there is no yard for the house itself. I imagine we could share the pastures with the beasts if we asked nicely.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. !

That house is free, (hmm) 5 miles from Work.

Tank you very much for your interest in my property. Below please find my offer and several pictures from the house itself and the area around. It is a big house on an active buffallo farm in a very nice piece of land, all land arround belongs to us, woods, fields and so on.
rented out by owner: no commission Rental Agent fee which often equals a full months rent.

Living space 210 sqm About 2300sf
Rent 1170,-- € per month Deposit 1.600,-- € Exchange rate is now about 1.64 that is 1170 X 1.64= 1918.80 Europe is a very expensive place to live and this house is rather inexpensive compared to most homes.

Available : Now

Additional costs:
Heating: by meter, or est. cost
Electricity : by meter
Water: 30,-- € per pers./mth. (estimated cost)
Garbage removal: 30.-- €/mth. (fixed cost)
Heat inspection 17,-- €/mth. (fixed cost) (hmm! Why does the heater need to be inspected every month?)

1 big livingroom
1 dining room
1 big eat-in kitchen
4 bed rooms
2 bath rooms, furnished with bath tub and shower
1 big utility and laundryroom
1 big attic for storage
big parking area, outstanding landscape scenery
1 garage if desired

Would appreciate an answer on the following questions:

o how many family members will be living in the house ? 2 on a regular basis. 50 on occasion cause every one I know wants to come and visit. Come on down.
o what kind of pets do you have and how many ? None, unless you count the messy, messy boys coming to visit.
o how long do you plan to live in my property ? 4-5 years
o when can you moove in ? Spousal Unit in June or July. Me early October
o can you afford the monthly rent and fee ? Well DUH we wouldn't be asking about the house it we couldn't afford the rent. Not all Americans are ugly and Spousal Unit's boss doesn't think kindly on deadbeat non paying employees.

Thank you for your interst.
Your´s sincerly,

Spousal Unit thought the house had possibilities but couldn't tolerate the buffalo herd. I thought that the house was YUCKY but liked the area and the Herd.

When Spousal Unit mentioned this particular house to his boss, the boss replied, "Ah, yes, I know exactly which house that is. Its rather "Earthy" there.

* She who edits

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Question Answered and A Spousal Unit Tweak

I received a comment about having a Gal Pal visit and take some of the Dreaded Basement's contents. ECM asked how do I do that? I'll get to that soon, but first a little info.

I am a major "Pack Rat." I was forced, in a prior life (Active Duty Military) to clean out extraneous STUFF every three to four years in order to move and "make weight." Not making weight is bad, really, really bad. And very expensive.

Well, we have been here for 16 years and I hate to do the yard sale thing and sell really good stuff for a pittance. So I just take the good stuff, that is too good to get rid of, but I am not using right now, down into what became the "Dreaded Basement."

The basement became the "Dreaded Basement" when we learned that we are really making the move to Germany. We will not make weight. Actually, we do not have a weight limit this time. We have a cubic foot limit. Let me tell you I have so much stuff, that will we will not make the limit requirements.

So every weekend, I go down to said basement and sort through the stuff and get ruthless. Having a girlfriend with me helps. Area by area I am cleaning out the basement. I then usually post offerings on the Freecycle and Recycle networks. I am giving away my stuff. I have met some really nice people who are just down on their luck, at the moment and just need a hand up.

I have also met some people that obviously are in it for the buck. You know the type. They show up at your yard sale and con you down to pennies and a week later you walk into a consignment shop or antique shop and see your stuff on sale for big bucks.

Anyway this being the Internet, sometimes I can not tell the difference by the tone of the responses and then I obligate to the gift and when I meet them it is too late. I just put those people in my "Yucky People" folder. I consult the folder prior to gifting the next gifts.

The girl friends that come to help me be ruthless, always get first dibs.

I get a cleaned out house and I get to feel like Santa Claus. Both are a really good feelings.

*Spousal Unit tweak. I forgot to forward his latest update home. I will give you an update tomorrow.

Monday, March 17, 2008

I Escaped

The basement did not win, this time.

I enticed gal pal Becky to come over yesterday afternoon. (I am so evil).

She is really getting into the whole, Earth Mother thingee, and I told her she could have all my seeds. Many of them are heirloom seeds. Think, Save the Earth. Heirloom, organic seeds.

I had her.

Come to my basement, my dear.

She saw the whole seed starting setup and started to drool.

I can't take most of that stuff to Germany and it is unwise to do storage, long term. So why take up the space, when it is only going to be trash 4 years later?

I gave her my seed starting cells, my seeds, a pair of kids binoculars, broken craft glass, Elmers glue, embroidery hoops, clothes, Christmas tins, (Skipbo for God's sake) etc. etc. etc.

She is still drooling.

She's coming back for more, when she can get a truck.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Dreaded Basement Calls

While both messy, messy boys are home I am gonna use their muscles, to my advantage, to haul stuff up the steps for Freecycling.

I'll be back tomorrow.

If not call in the Marines. I may need to be rescued.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bats Caves and Other Critters

Where ever we have owned a home we had had critters. Our own special pets. Not.

The first house we owned was in a country setting in Rural Southern New Jersey. The lot was about an acre and fully wooded. The people we bought it from, as an aside, mentioned that they had an exterminator come out every month 'cause it was buggy. What she did not mention were the bugs were sand fleas. OMG by the time we figured out what was going on, the house was infested and I was pregnant. The pregnancy had nothing to do with the infestation.

We hired an exterminator and I moved in with my parents for a few days until it was safe to be inside the house.

The next house we owned was lovely. We were in a subdivision this time. The house was only 3 years old when we bought it and was a great place to raise the messy boys. They had lots of other messy boys in the neighborhood to play with, without the need to drive them everywhere for play dates.

A couple of years after we moved in Spousal Unit and I were in the kitchen and I saw some movement coming up the stairs from the basement. I told Spousal Unit and we went looking for what it might be. We found it up against a window in our bedroom. It was a bat. We got dressed for bat hunting. I had a racquetball racket, hat, and winter coat for protection and Spousal Unit was similarly dressed, but he wielded the baseball bat. It is also the middle of a St. Louis Summer. We looked rather silly. We were successful and got the bat. Unfortunately, several days later the bat resurrected itself.

We called the exterminator. The exterminator determined we had bats in our belfry. Lots of them. A whole colony. We moved out for a few days while the colony was relocated to more bat friendly areas and had the pencil sized holes sealed up.

We moved to the current house. I call it my fiefdom. The house is just outside of the city limits and worlds away from town style life. I have several neighbors that have similar fiefdoms. We are all friendly, but usually keep to ourselves unless someone is in need or we have a gathering. This house has pets also. We have a herd of deer that live in the forested area of the property. The deer come to visit often, munching their way through my orchards and gardens. I do not think the blueberry bushes will come back this year. Because of the move, I am not planting a vegetable garden. Poor things will have to go visit the neighbors.

We have still more pets. Recently, I went out to the screened in porch to get some seed for the bird feeders. I turned on the light to the porch and was greeted with....Zoom, out goes a raccoon. I, of course, scream like the little girl that I am. I jump on the picnic table bench and ... Zoom, out goes another raccoon. Screaming yet again, Son #2 is now outside looking for me, thinking that I fell down the stairs and broke something. Just in time for Zoom.... yet a third raccoon ran past me. They had figured out how to open the birdseed bin and were having a little snack. We changed the container and now they just come by, on occasion, to say hello.

Last, but not least, is our opossum. He lived in the gas grill. Spousal Unit discovered him while changing out the propane tank. Both were a little taken aback, initially. The possum decided that visiting hours were over, for the moment, and went his merry way. He comes back to visit on occasion also, but has decided that he only wants to vacation there, not have a permanent address.

On a later post I might discuss the circle birds, squirrels, and coyotes.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Pie Day

For pie day I wanted to let you all in on my family's favorite. Coconut Cream Pie.

I also wanted to go all, ala Food Bloggie site with pictures and do the step-by-step making of the pie.

Unfortunately or fortunately, I do not have the patience to do the step-by-step picture thingee.... but I wanted to.

I also do not have my camera or USB card reader cable at the moment. Spousal Unit has it in Germany. Not that he has sent pictures he has taken for me to show you anything.

So please bear with me as I share my recipe and the one really tastie looking slice.

I created this recipe based on a McCall's Cook Book I found in a thrift store. I collect old cookbooks and while leafing through this one I found a vanilla meringue pie. Sounded good except for the meringue on top. I also wanted to Amp up the flavor and added fresh grated coconut to the cream pie and the whipped cream topping.
Go buy a coconut. Make sure coconut has plenty of coconut juice by shaking vigorously. In the garage have on of the messy boys bang holes, with a cross-point screw driver, into the three eyes of the coconut. Get bowl or glass and drain the coconut juice. (I stress this because a couple of times the messy boys forgot to get a bowl and I can tell you that coconut juice gets sticky on the garage floor). After the coconut is drained, have the messy boys get a hammer and bang the coconut to break the shell. Hopefully, they do not bang too often or too hard because large pieces of coconut are desired. At this point "She who"takes over.

Using a vegatable parer, pare off the brown skin on the coconut. When all pieces have been pared, shred coconut in the food processor on the finest shredding blade. Experience has also taught that Spousal Unit does not like dental floss coconut.

Now the fun begins:

9-inch baked pie shell


3/4 cup sugar

1/4 cup cornstarch

2 1/2 cups milk - I usually mix half heavy cream and half milk

1/2 teaspoon salt

3 egg yolks, slightly beaten

1 Tablespoon butter

1 teaspoon vanilla extract


2 cups of heavy whipped cream

2-3 teaspoons of sugar

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

  1. Prepare and bake pie shell; let cool

  2. Make filling: In medium saucepan, combine sugar, cornstarch, and salt; mix well.

  3. Gradually stir in milk, mixing until smooth.

  4. Over medium heat, bring to boiling, stirring; boil one minute, stirring constantly. Remove from heat.

  5. Stir half of hot mixture into egg yolks, mixing well; pour back into saucepan.

  6. Bring back to boiling, stirring constantly; boil one minute longer and remove from heat.

  7. Stir in butter and vanilla add a handful of coconut or what ever is your preference. Save some for topping the whipped cream.

  8. Pour mixture into cooled pie shell.

  9. Cool the pie in fridge while making the whipped topping.

  10. In a large bowl mix the heavy cream and sugar. With a large wisk - wisk, and wisk, and wisk. My arms hurt but I prefer the control I have over the consistancy.

  11. Wisk until right before the desired consistancy of whipped cream is acheived. Add the vanilla and wisk a little more.

  12. Slather on the cooled cream pie and sprinkle the remaining coconut on top.

* Saves well in the fridge if plastic wrap is applied. That is if there are any leftovers.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rolladens - The Window Shades... Not The Stuffed Beef

More on the Saga to inform you no doubt:

In Germany, windows do not have screens. They tilt in or they act kinda like doors when you twist the handle, but they do not have screens.

To compensate for no screens the window coverings are usually sheer lace curtains to keep the flies out. D@** Flies, Auf Deutsch"Fleigers."

In the Summer, if one is smart, one uses the rolladens, a form of armour for windows, to darken the room and also to provide some airflow with the window fully open. There is a fabric strap on the side of the window, one the wall, kinda like a tie-down strap feel to it, that one pulls up or down. This raises or lowers the rolladens.

In Germany there is no air conditioning. Usually air conditioning is not needed.

But sometimes it is. Especially if one is peri-menopausal and ready to become a screaming "biotch" cause there isn't a ceiling fan in sight and a personal Summer hits.

Hey, Good Looking!

A couple of people have asked what denotes a perfect house in Germany. Spousal Unit and I put together a few requirements that we would like in the rental. Most are not written in stone.

  • BIK - Built in kitchen. In Germany real estate taxes are based on the number of rooms in a house. The government considers built in cabinets as rooms. That is why very few of the older homes have BIK and no closets. The custom is to have Schranks or wardrobe cabinets, living room wall units and movable kitchen cabinets not affixed to the wall as the norm. (Think no counter space).
  • Heated floors - most homes have marble floors. They get really cold in the winter.
  • Propane heat - Oil heat is really, really, really expensive. Propane is much less expensive. It is also useful for heating the home if heated floors are not an option.
  • Not living right on top of the neighbors - Germany is a small country. About the size of Pennsylvania prior to the reunification. Haven't checked for a comparison recently since East and West joined. Germany also has a lot of people. Lot size is usually postal stamp, small strip of land in the front and back. We don't want to have a fiefdom like I have here, just a place to sit outside without sitting on the neighbors lap.
  • A yard - see above. Maybe have a garden. Tomatoes do really yucky in Germany.
  • A view - Nice but not totally required. We can dream can't we?
  • 4 bedrooms and two baths. The messy, messy boys will not be living with us at this point, but we want to have space for them when the do visit and so far 50 people want to come live with us on an extended basis. That's a lot of people to share 2 guest rooms. They will have to figure it out. Also, we would like a room for dedicated office space. I want two baths cause when you gotta go you gotta go and I am too old to stand outside of the bathroom while Spousal Unit flosses his teeth.

Tonight's Updates on the Trip:

Hey, Good Looking!

I saw former secretary and friend today. She looks pretty much the way she did before. We caught up on all the news, and she is looking forward to seeing you when you arrive. She said something about how mistreated you are - having to raise 2 boys. She thinks that she will drop off her daughters to let you raise girls. She said that the 14 year-old and the 6 year-old are just like her --- wonderful. The 4 year-old is the hellion. I told her that she should expect that because the 4 year-old is the "second child".

It was another full day of meetings (more tomorrow), but I did drive by 3 houses. One possible in Huetschenhausen, but it isn't perfect. I called Friend of a Friend today, and he suggested that I forget the listings at the housing office. They require the landlords to rent to anyone who applies. The landlords want to be more selective so they don't list with the housing office. I am reverting to the KA (Local English Newspaper) listing, and will see if Spousal Unit's employer will pay the realtor's fee. According to Friend of a Friend , many have reduced or eliminated their fees to get business moving again. When you get home, you will see Spousal Unit's home e-mail that I asked for pictures of a house in Eulenbis/Weilerbach. Big boss, also gave me an address, and he will get a phone number, for a friend's house. I will drive by in the morning.

I met Boss's wife tonight, and she was really enthusiastic about the town where they live. She said that they have their own electric and water company, and their rates are the lowest around. She also said that landlords may not want to commit now to a rental in June. I told her that I don't have to come home with a lease. She said that the selection might be better in April/May as we get closer to the PCS (moving) season. I told her that you charged me to find the perfect house - ah, I mean the house that is worthy of your presence, so I will keep looking until I find it. Again, I may end up with an apartment for a month or two, but that's okay.

Speaking of Boss's wife, she can be reached @ Another secret, secret. Feel free to contact her (nice lady).

I am getting along well with the bosses here. I have demonstrated that I can think and deliver coherent messages so that is a good thing. (Who woulda thunk?) I meet the incoming Big, big boss tomorrow. I have already struck a rapport with some of the key folks, and I think that we will have a good working relationship. I met with the computer geek boss today, and, after a bit of discussion, he said that we needed to work closely together. Boss said afterwards that I had scored a major victory because the computer geek boss showed a new spirit with me. That meeting alone was probably worth the trip.

Well. that's all the news that's fit to print. I've got to go circle ads.

Love You Bunches,
Spousal Unit

Below is a link to a house that Spousal Unit wants to view tomorrow, if possible. This one looks like a keeper. The only drawback is oil heat. Can you see me breaking out in song? The hills are alive.... with the sound of music.


Sorry I had to remove the Link. Spousal Unit didn't jump on this house quick enough and it is already rented.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

OBTW - He Doesn't Know I'm Doing This

Just to let you know, Spousal Unit doesn't know I am sharing his emails with you. He can not access blogs on his computer.

Let's just keep this our little secret. OK?

More Ramblings - Tuesday Version

Son #1 Called:

He is well and having fun, no DUIs, no paternity suits, and no tattoos. Hallalooyalaahaahaha. He does have a major sunburn. Most of the other messy boys are also sunburned. Except for Frankie because Frankie has olive oil skin. Yo Frankie, where is the portal on your body for importing the olive oil for the olive oil skin? And, does your mother know about this? Don't you mean the olive complexion????

On a Couple of More Serious Notes:

Kim on "Parachuting without a Net" needs some love vibes. She is one of my blog buddies and she is "way down and needs reinforcements" Show this lady some love. She deserves it.

The other note is a gal who is my tenant in a house I own. She is also my friend. She needs some good vibes also; pray for her, light a candle, whatever works for you. Her ex, the certified sex offender, threatened to come to town this week to see HIS son. (He seems to be making good on this threat). He has no visitations rights at all, ever, nada, ain't gonna happen. He went missing from the system last week. My gal is shakin' in her shoes. We may have to do a no notice gals night in or two for awhile.

On a Lighter Note:

Spousal Unit Sent Some Updates:

I got the right paperwork today so I went by the housing referral office. The lady told me that landlords are getting nervous because of the downturn in the market. I have no clue what this means but will find out.

I reviewed 84 listings today, and I then drove to look at the outside of 8 houses. I found all but one house. The only one that I liked: has no yard; has no view; is surrounded by close-in neighbors; and requires that one traverse roads that wind along the ridges of the hills south of town. I drove for over 2 hours without finding any jewels. I will probably hit the area north of the base tomorrow.

I called former secretary and friend, and we are on for lunch tomorrow. I think she is thrilled to call me "Spousal Unit" instead "Major,"

I also got our mail box today. Our address is: Only a select few get to know this. I don't want you all to send gifts. I am in the clean out mode and can't receive gifts at this time. What a union these folks have. I stopped by at 0730 only to find out that they don't open until 1000 and they close at 1700.

If you need to reach me quickly, you can call more privileged information. That's the guy he's replacing office number. I am sticking close to him.

I'm going to sign off because I am beat. Sleep well, and remember that I love you.

He is definately a keeper in my mind.

* "She who" edits.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday Ramblings and Updates

Woke up late this morning. I went to bed late last night and the ole body wanted its normal eight hours; that along with losing an hour this weekend to Daylight Savings didn't help. Spring is coming. Woo Hoo! (Sorry, I got off subject).

I woke up late because Spousal Unit tries to be kind and turns the alarm off on Friday evenings hoping that I will sleep later than 5:00am on weekends.

Now, I remembered to change the time on all the clocks. Except the VCR 'cause I don't know how. If I was interested enough I would figure it out, but I'm not. I sure hope the TIVO is automatic cause I still don't know how to work it much less changing any of the settings. (Sorry, another tangent).

Anyway, I did all the stuff the Spousal Unit usually does but I forgot to turn on the alarm. My bad, sorta. He does spoil me, a lot. So....some stuff I just don't think about doing until its too late. Like waking up at 6:30 this morning and running really late for work. The alarm is now turned back on and all I can do is hope the body has adjusted and I am smart enough to go to bed in a timely manner.

Besides, its his fault anyway, he's not here.

Talking about sleep and stuff, here is an update to the Moving to Germany Saga:

Spousal Unit's First Full Day in Germany

I survived my first day of Grip and Grin. (Meeting colleagues) Tomorrow is round 2.

Today's accomplishments included: opening my savings and checking accounts; meeting a bunch of people (some of whom I might remember); and getting a tour of the area. Tomorrow is introduction at the staff meeting, and 2 other meetings. I will also try to contact former secretary and good friend tomorrow.

I tried starting the work with housing referral, but they need a letter verifying that I will be working here. I got the letter this afternoon at 1530 (3:30); just before it started raining. I hope to initiate the research tomorrow afternoon. OBTW, I was wondering. Do you have a preference about living in a town (with markets, banks, restaurants), or in a village (usually without those amenities)? Not sure, both are good options, depends on the house.

I did have my first currywurst, and I was disappointed. They have a schnitzel stand at the BX, but they serve only weiss wurst. I asked, and the lady said she is not allowed to serve rote. (Currywurst is a sausage very similar to and worlds apart from Polish sausage, topped with ketchup and lots of curry powder). Weiss is a mild pork sausage and Rote is a beef sausage. Germany must have hundreds of types and all I have eaten are wonderful).

I had also forgotten about landlords turning the heat off at night. I woke up at some time around midnight, and I was roasting under the duvet. (The Hotels have thick feather duvets and no sheets. It is really a roast or freeze situation for many Americans who are used to having blankets. He should have opened a window). I threw it off, and froze. I tried the half-and-half solution, but that didn't work either. I might wear a shirt tonight. I need to get more than 4 hours of sleep. I think it will be an early night for me (8???).

I'll send more tomorrow. Love you.

More to follow, I'm sure.

Spousal Unit - Arriven Safely

ST (Sweet Thing) ,

I have arriven safely.

The flight was late out of STL. They changed gates twice without an announcement either time.

The desk agent at Cincinnati called my name, and informed me that she changed my seat so a family could sit together. I asked her if there was an open seat next to me, and she arranged for it to be so.

When I boarded, there was a family directly behind me with an infant who kicked the empty middle throughout the flight.

I got some sleep, but not enough.

I picked up the car (BMW) at the Flughafen, and immediately had a problem. I couldn't figure out how to start it. There was a big"start/stop engine" button, but my pushing it didn't do anything.

The attendant showed me the slot into which one must insert the remote control (because there is no key) before the button works.

I had forgotten how much fun driving a stick is on the autobahn.

I made it to the hotel without a problem. I don't know if it was another example of the "Spousal Unit spot" (He always gets the closest parking spot and the nicest rooms), or what, but I have a nice little studio with a refrigerator and microwave. There is a stove if I want to get fancy.

The bad news is that the restaurant closes at 1400 (2:00PM for you non-military types ) on Sunday. I wasn't hungry when I arrived, so I will have to wait until tomorrow for schnitzel. (Poor Baby)

I am preparing to go exploring for a bit (with a recently purchased Stadtplan [Map]). I want to eliminate, or confirm, some areas.

Then I am going to bed. This boy needs some sleep.

Love you Bunches.

OBTW, I forgot to reset the clocks before I left. Sorry.

Is he a keeper or what???

* She who edits in this color.

Three Truths, Four Lies... Truth Revealed

The truths revealed.

1. I am a huge Science Fiction fan. True. I love SciFi. I was one of the original Trekies. Never so avid as to go to the conventions but I love SciFi shows and books.

2. I eat liver in any way shape or form. False. Major gag me with a spoon. I can't even tolerate the smell. I am very, very picky about any meat that I will eat. I should have been a vegetarian, but I love ham, bacon, sausage, Philly cheese steaks, and meatloaf too much.

3. I fell into the pew day I got married. True. Spousal Unit and I knelt to have the union blessed and when we tried to stand after the blessing he was standing on my gown and the two of us crashed into the pew. Not one of my more dignified moments.

4. I was a cheerleader. True. Weird but true. I was a pee-wee football cheerleader. I didn't enjoy it and I think that my Mom wanted it more than I did.

5. I adore the Survivor shows even though I know they are staged. False. Another gag me. I watched one episode and never went back.

6. I lived in Brazil for nine years. False. I lived in Germany for nine years. Three different locations and loved the majority of the time spent there. We are going back for four years.

7. I love to ride roller coasters and plan vacations around them. False. I loved riding as a kid and now I can't. The anxiety levels go too high to ride any more.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Brain Dead

Right now I am feeling really brain dead. I have wracked my brain most of the afternoon for a subject on my post tonight. I found some really great stuff on YouTube but none of the videos do justice to my current mood.

So tonight I'll just fill you in on the snippets of the past few days.

Took the Spousal Unit to the airport this morning. We got there in a timely manner and I got a real kiss goodbye. The first on the lips kiss since the creeping CRUD invaded the household. We have been blowing kisses across the room or a quick peck on the cheek for ages now. I get my first real kiss and he's gone.

Sent Spousal Unit off on the trip with the camera and USB drive for uploading the pictures. He has promised to email the pictures he takes on the house hunting quest. The last time we lived in Europe he chose our house and did a really great job, so I am confident that he will have a repeated success.

Child #1 made it to Florida last night. He is safe and sound and hungry as of early last evening. All I could do was to remind him that I love him and DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. HAVE FUN, BUT STAY PUT, OR WALK. I hope he listens. I have been pounding that point for years now and can only hope and pray my words stuck.

Child #2 had to work tonight. He went in at 4:00 and I anticipate that he will work till 8:00 unless he can talk the boss into some more hours. Unless the shop is totally dead, he is usually able to talk the boss into more hours. Being the male version of "She who" he can usually talk his way around the boss.

Child #2 just called. He is really ready to find a place to live in the next few months. His first choice fell through and he is now willing to consider some of the options the Parental Units suggested.

Oh yeah, did I mention brain dead? I managed to screw around all afternoon trying to come up with some theme for today's post and avoided the dreaded basement.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

My Google Ads

For the last few days I have noticed that my "Get Rich Plan by Allowing Google Ads on my Blog Site" have been advertising pantie ad sites. WTF????

I really try to keep the tone of this Blog PG.

I could go all, off on some stuff. I have chosen not to be a Mommy Blog, not a Rant Blog, I'm not sure what I really want to say Blog, but I am working on the voice I want to project Blog.

I am into month two of sitting down every night after work and trying to figure out what I want say and need to post. I am making myself sit down, (I like it, but some nights are easier than others) to discipline myself to write every night.

I can't claim that I have a novel in me. I am more of a stand-up comedian. I can give witty repartee. Zippy come backs. Short stories are more on the line of my gifts. I'm a cut-to-the-chase type of person.

And, I am also very ADD. DUH, if you have been reading any of my posts.

So, I guess I am back to the WTF???? What airspace did the pantie ads come from?

Are all you'se guys reading my posts jumping here from porn sites?

Friday, March 7, 2008

Spring Break and an Oil Change

# 1 son came home again tonight.

You might recall that #1 son comes home from college to wash clothes, eat home cooked meals and ask for money.

This time he asked for all the above and an oil change.

He has been plotting and planning for quite some time, with his college buddies, to go on Spring break. He is a junior at college and hasn't yet been on a Spring break.

The poor thing, he is deprived. We just don't love him. His psyche is damaged beyond repair. He'll never be able to get a job to support himself. (Trust me on the last one.)

He announced that he was going on Spring break several weeks ago and originally wanted to stay at the condo we have in Florida. Well no, you can't stay at the condo 'cause you're not 26 (condo association rules) and you are a messy boy. You would also bring more messy boys and that leads to messy girls and general mayhem. No condo.

# 1 son, "But mom I really, really need to go on Spring break."

She who, "Well, I imagine you'll figure something out on how to afford to go."

He was going to ride down to Florida with friends and had it all worked out that he had the necessary money to cover all his expenses.

Last night he calls and says that he will be driving down 'cause lots more people are going to go also. They need his car to carry the extra people.

I asked when was the last time he had the oil changed. Strange I know, but I think like that.

He replied, less than six months ago and that he still had time to change the oil when he got back.

Wrong. Child, you need to change the oil every three months or every three thousand miles.

My God! I am going to worry all week while he is gone. This on top of hoping the child gets the "clue bird" to land on his shoulder some time in the next four years.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Food Glorious Food - Make That Glorious Sopas

Checking out some of the Blogs I read on a regular basis I came across Evil Chef Mom and her spin on sopas. Basically sopas are a soft corn masa type bread. What makes them glorious is the stuff you put on the sopa.

Spousal Unit is from Southern California and grew up on Mexican food. I am from Jersey (Did I ever mention that I'm from Jersey??) and did not know what a taco was until I was 18 years old. That was many, many years ago, back in the Ice Ages. Anyway, growing up in a very small Jersey town we knew nothing of Mexican food.

After meeting Spousal Unit I became familiar with Mexican and came to love it myself. I have a talent that I can eat something while out and about and then go home and recreate the recipe.

I do not have this talent for anything baked. We live in an area that I have not been able to find a local source for acceptable sopas and hence the sopa recipe request.

Evil Chef Mom was kind enough to provide a recipe for me to make a special 29 year anniversary dinner for the Spousal Unit later in the month. He is leaving this Saturday for a couple of weeks to check out the new job and to find us a house to move into.

I am going to practice on #2 son while he is gone to perfect my technique. #2 son eats anything and everything so I know that when the anniversary rolls around the dinner will be perfect.

#2 son may not be happy with my beginning tries but Spousal Unit won't know the difference.

Truth or Lie

Three Truths, Four Lies

I've saw this on another blog, so I thought I'd play along, too.
Here you go - see if you can figure it out. I'll reveal the answers next week.

1. I am a huge Science Fiction fan.

2. I eat liver in any way shape or form.

3. I fell into the pew day I got married.

4. I was a cheerleader.

5. I adore the Survivor shows even though I know they are staged.

6. I lived in Brazil for nine years.

7. I love to ride rollercoasters and plan vacations around them.

I'll post the answers in a few days.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

She Who Waits - Corey Heuvel

I've decided that today is "She who" day. It is snowy outside. We were sent home early from work and I have just started cruisin' the net looking for inspiration for today's Blog. I figure today is as good as any day for a "She who" day. Why not, its my Blog. Maybe I will do more "She who" days. Maybe the YUCKY weather will go away. I can always dream.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mother Nature Part II

I lied. Not intentionally, but I lied.

Yesterday was not 67 degrees. It was 78 degrees. One degree short of a new record.

What I did not lie about was the temperature plunge. I was scraping ice off the windshield tonight before I could drive home.

Mother Nature... right now you really, really, really, S*&#.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mother Nature Quit Teasing Me

Woke up late this morning. 7:30 which is late for me.

I got out of bed and Spousal Unit got back in. He is starting to get the creeping CRUD, the illness that I am just now shaking . It is a nasty, draining... what symptom am I gonna' get next??? sickness.

He slept for a few hours and got back up. He was hungry and suggested IHOP. Normally we cook breakfast together on weekends and I almost said no.

Today I thought better of it and said yes. I finished getting cleaned up and off we went.

The weather is glorious. 67 degrees. I wore just a light hoodie and Spousal Unit wore a tee shirt.

Breakfast was uneventful and the food was hot for once.

On the way home I mentioned we needed to go to the grocery store to get more Gypsy Cold Care tea. Spousal Unit tried it this weekend and is starting to appreciate my belief in it. We found the tea and another "Flavor" Throat Coat. We decided to try it, so we got that box too.

All in all it has been a nice day. Worked outside a bit cleaning up in the gardens and Spousal Unit worked in the North pasture cutting up some fallen trees.

I just checked the weather channel. Tomorrow we are supposed to have a 40 degree temperature drop with snow.

Mother Nature sometimes you S*&#.

Things You Have to See to Believe: Can Man

This what I may have to resort to wearing if I let my girlfriend go through my closet again.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


My girlfriend emailed me today and asked to spend the night this Saturday.

She is in the "Guard" and is on active duty this weekend. She lives in a different country - 45 miles away from the base and in a different county).

Guard duty starts very early in the morning and she is not a morning person.

So, after getting off duty Saturday she would like to come here for a home cooked meal. She's like that.

She is also is looking forward to clean sheets, no children for a night, a ten minute drive the next morning, and yada, yada.

She loves me.

The real kicker is she wants to go throught my closets and steal all my clothes. They don't fit me anymore but they, at this moment, are my clothes. She is going to steal all my clothes.

That's what friends do.

We are also probably going to have a liquid libation or two while having the fashion show.

What happens in O'Fallon, stays in O'Fallon. Except the clothes of course.