Friday, March 7, 2008

Spring Break and an Oil Change

# 1 son came home again tonight.

You might recall that #1 son comes home from college to wash clothes, eat home cooked meals and ask for money.

This time he asked for all the above and an oil change.

He has been plotting and planning for quite some time, with his college buddies, to go on Spring break. He is a junior at college and hasn't yet been on a Spring break.

The poor thing, he is deprived. We just don't love him. His psyche is damaged beyond repair. He'll never be able to get a job to support himself. (Trust me on the last one.)

He announced that he was going on Spring break several weeks ago and originally wanted to stay at the condo we have in Florida. Well no, you can't stay at the condo 'cause you're not 26 (condo association rules) and you are a messy boy. You would also bring more messy boys and that leads to messy girls and general mayhem. No condo.

# 1 son, "But mom I really, really need to go on Spring break."

She who, "Well, I imagine you'll figure something out on how to afford to go."

He was going to ride down to Florida with friends and had it all worked out that he had the necessary money to cover all his expenses.

Last night he calls and says that he will be driving down 'cause lots more people are going to go also. They need his car to carry the extra people.

I asked when was the last time he had the oil changed. Strange I know, but I think like that.

He replied, less than six months ago and that he still had time to change the oil when he got back.

Wrong. Child, you need to change the oil every three months or every three thousand miles.

My God! I am going to worry all week while he is gone. This on top of hoping the child gets the "clue bird" to land on his shoulder some time in the next four years.