Saturday, March 1, 2008


My girlfriend emailed me today and asked to spend the night this Saturday.

She is in the "Guard" and is on active duty this weekend. She lives in a different country - 45 miles away from the base and in a different county).

Guard duty starts very early in the morning and she is not a morning person.

So, after getting off duty Saturday she would like to come here for a home cooked meal. She's like that.

She is also is looking forward to clean sheets, no children for a night, a ten minute drive the next morning, and yada, yada.

She loves me.

The real kicker is she wants to go throught my closets and steal all my clothes. They don't fit me anymore but they, at this moment, are my clothes. She is going to steal all my clothes.

That's what friends do.

We are also probably going to have a liquid libation or two while having the fashion show.

What happens in O'Fallon, stays in O'Fallon. Except the clothes of course.