Sunday, March 30, 2008

Meet, Greet, and Eat

One of the gals I work with I nicknamed "Wee One." Her girlfriend came into town for a long weekend to see friends and to let everyone meet the new baby. He is six months old and adorable, as babies tend to be.

Well, Wee One came up with the great idea of having many of the people in her life all get together for a Meet, Greet, and Eat luncheon. She coordinated a lovely menu. Created the template for the menu and had individual cartes available. The balloon bouquets were tangled so a couple of us got together and untangled them to create two bouquets. (As an aside - Undomestic Diva, I got to see what one of the balloon holder downers looks like clothed).

Wee One had decided that Sarah, her girlfriend, had a too limited an amount of time to visit with everyone, so instead she brought everyone together in one place. The luncheon was held at a little bistro a few towns away. The bistro has been in operation a little over a year and has most of the kinks worked out. The food is a mixture of European and New Orleans cuisines.

Anyway the atmosphere was great, the cast of characters unique and lovely, and the food awesome.

I had marinated feta, Tabasco buttered shrimp, Vidalia Onion romaine salad, and a Po' boy - Andouille sausage and ham muffaletta.

For dessert Wee One followed my suggestion of an English Trifle. Instead of strawberries she used peaches which was a nice change.

I avoided the Dreaded Basement for a few hours (Bliss) and learned something new.....

You can get baby boy balloons!