Sunday, March 9, 2008

Brain Dead

Right now I am feeling really brain dead. I have wracked my brain most of the afternoon for a subject on my post tonight. I found some really great stuff on YouTube but none of the videos do justice to my current mood.

So tonight I'll just fill you in on the snippets of the past few days.

Took the Spousal Unit to the airport this morning. We got there in a timely manner and I got a real kiss goodbye. The first on the lips kiss since the creeping CRUD invaded the household. We have been blowing kisses across the room or a quick peck on the cheek for ages now. I get my first real kiss and he's gone.

Sent Spousal Unit off on the trip with the camera and USB drive for uploading the pictures. He has promised to email the pictures he takes on the house hunting quest. The last time we lived in Europe he chose our house and did a really great job, so I am confident that he will have a repeated success.

Child #1 made it to Florida last night. He is safe and sound and hungry as of early last evening. All I could do was to remind him that I love him and DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. HAVE FUN, BUT STAY PUT, OR WALK. I hope he listens. I have been pounding that point for years now and can only hope and pray my words stuck.

Child #2 had to work tonight. He went in at 4:00 and I anticipate that he will work till 8:00 unless he can talk the boss into some more hours. Unless the shop is totally dead, he is usually able to talk the boss into more hours. Being the male version of "She who" he can usually talk his way around the boss.

Child #2 just called. He is really ready to find a place to live in the next few months. His first choice fell through and he is now willing to consider some of the options the Parental Units suggested.

Oh yeah, did I mention brain dead? I managed to screw around all afternoon trying to come up with some theme for today's post and avoided the dreaded basement.