Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More Ramblings - Tuesday Version

Son #1 Called:

He is well and having fun, no DUIs, no paternity suits, and no tattoos. Hallalooyalaahaahaha. He does have a major sunburn. Most of the other messy boys are also sunburned. Except for Frankie because Frankie has olive oil skin. Yo Frankie, where is the portal on your body for importing the olive oil for the olive oil skin? And, does your mother know about this? Don't you mean the olive complexion????

On a Couple of More Serious Notes:

Kim on "Parachuting without a Net" needs some love vibes. She is one of my blog buddies and she is "way down and needs reinforcements" Show this lady some love. She deserves it.

The other note is a gal who is my tenant in a house I own. She is also my friend. She needs some good vibes also; pray for her, light a candle, whatever works for you. Her ex, the certified sex offender, threatened to come to town this week to see HIS son. (He seems to be making good on this threat). He has no visitations rights at all, ever, nada, ain't gonna happen. He went missing from the system last week. My gal is shakin' in her shoes. We may have to do a no notice gals night in or two for awhile.

On a Lighter Note:

Spousal Unit Sent Some Updates:

I got the right paperwork today so I went by the housing referral office. The lady told me that landlords are getting nervous because of the downturn in the market. I have no clue what this means but will find out.

I reviewed 84 listings today, and I then drove to look at the outside of 8 houses. I found all but one house. The only one that I liked: has no yard; has no view; is surrounded by close-in neighbors; and requires that one traverse roads that wind along the ridges of the hills south of town. I drove for over 2 hours without finding any jewels. I will probably hit the area north of the base tomorrow.

I called former secretary and friend, and we are on for lunch tomorrow. I think she is thrilled to call me "Spousal Unit" instead "Major,"

I also got our mail box today. Our address is: Only a select few get to know this. I don't want you all to send gifts. I am in the clean out mode and can't receive gifts at this time. What a union these folks have. I stopped by at 0730 only to find out that they don't open until 1000 and they close at 1700.

If you need to reach me quickly, you can call more privileged information. That's the guy he's replacing office number. I am sticking close to him.

I'm going to sign off because I am beat. Sleep well, and remember that I love you.

He is definately a keeper in my mind.

* "She who" edits.