Monday, March 10, 2008

Spousal Unit - Arriven Safely

ST (Sweet Thing) ,

I have arriven safely.

The flight was late out of STL. They changed gates twice without an announcement either time.

The desk agent at Cincinnati called my name, and informed me that she changed my seat so a family could sit together. I asked her if there was an open seat next to me, and she arranged for it to be so.

When I boarded, there was a family directly behind me with an infant who kicked the empty middle throughout the flight.

I got some sleep, but not enough.

I picked up the car (BMW) at the Flughafen, and immediately had a problem. I couldn't figure out how to start it. There was a big"start/stop engine" button, but my pushing it didn't do anything.

The attendant showed me the slot into which one must insert the remote control (because there is no key) before the button works.

I had forgotten how much fun driving a stick is on the autobahn.

I made it to the hotel without a problem. I don't know if it was another example of the "Spousal Unit spot" (He always gets the closest parking spot and the nicest rooms), or what, but I have a nice little studio with a refrigerator and microwave. There is a stove if I want to get fancy.

The bad news is that the restaurant closes at 1400 (2:00PM for you non-military types ) on Sunday. I wasn't hungry when I arrived, so I will have to wait until tomorrow for schnitzel. (Poor Baby)

I am preparing to go exploring for a bit (with a recently purchased Stadtplan [Map]). I want to eliminate, or confirm, some areas.

Then I am going to bed. This boy needs some sleep.

Love you Bunches.

OBTW, I forgot to reset the clocks before I left. Sorry.

Is he a keeper or what???

* She who edits in this color.