Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Was A Witness To A Miracle Part II

This family has two girls. A 16 YO and a 9 YO.

The girls are adorable and you can tell the Momma put in the right amount of love, and hard work to raise them properly.

Well... the Momma and Daddy have been trying to have a baby for several years. Things haven't been going exactly as planned or desired. They tried several options including the obvious. And there wasn't any babys in the foreseeable future.

Time, being that it is, tends to slip away and other issues cropped up and well, it became obvious that having a baby of their own would not be possible.

So the Momma and Daddy decided to adopt a little one. They started to attend adoption seminars and conferences. (Before I met them I didn't even realize that there were adoption conferences. Who'da thunk. Silly me.)

The family had recently moved here when I met them and they were in the process of starting the seminars and conferences circuit again in this part of the world. Networking is a big part of a possible adoption, especially if it is a local adoption.

So tongue in cheek, I was asked if I knew any young unmarried pregnant girls that wanted to give up their baby for adoption.

Actually no I do not.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Was A Witness To A Miracle

I was a witness to a miracle.

The past couple of months I was honored to be a part of a miracle in the making.

It started when I met a gal on the Internet chat boards locally here.

So from the beginning:

Early Spring: I asked for a couple of flower pots several months back on a Freecycle site. I received a response that just totally overwhelmed me. I received more pots than I could use in several lifetimes. The gal was moving to Turkey, ran out of time to get the pots cleaned up before the movers came and was left with all sorts of flower pots. It being a Freecycle board I promised that I would Freecycle what I couldn't use.

Being the "SheWho" that I am, I kept my promise.

I used what I needed and advertised on the boards for free flower pots.

A gal emailed me back and requested the pots. She showed up at the Ohmbachsee for me to lead her to the house since many of the roads into town were closed at the time.

We came to the house and she and her younger daughter took the flower pots and we chatted and decided that we might like to get together again for socializing.

She and her family have since become dear friends to our family.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

I Plan On Re-reading The Book Club Choice

Yesterday was a beautiful Summer day. I spent most of it either sitting in my van or outside on the patio at the Club. Reading. And waiting.

Son # 2 has a job now and is in training to actually start working. His training is all day long and I didn't want to drive back and forth from home to come back to pick him up. Gas prices keep going up and since gas is also rationed it just didn't make sense to burn it up for no good reason.

One of the girlfriends I met here told me about the Club and how she spends many days hanging out there doing just the same thing because of logistical planning. So with a little planning and a good book I stayed up on base.

Actually, I rather enjoyed the time away from the chat boards and the online games. I recently joined a book club and was savoring the monthly book choice while waiting for the Son Creature. I savored the book so much I finished it yesterday afternoon and it left me drooling for more.

I went to the library this morning and picked up three more books and plan on reading them in the next few days.

Then I plan on re-reading the book club choice to savor the book again.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A 6-7 Day Down-time For a Fix

We are three adults down to one car.

This is distracting, disturbing, frustrating, and just plaid driving me nuts.

Spousal Unit took the van to work this morning, thinking that he was saving me from gettin up and driving him in for work and letting me sleep a little. Yes, I did sleep in a little. But, I hear him shut the front door and start the car and pull away and I am then wide awake.

So... I go downstairs, putz a little, turn on the water for coffee, put in a load of laundry, rinse a dish the boy put in the sink last night and put it in the dishwasher.

I sorted some recycleables and YUP I have nothing to do for the rest of the day.

Oh, I can make a list of all the things I need to do. That have nothing to do with being at home. The house is clean, the laundry is mostly done, the garden weeded. I don't even need "Calgon to take me away." I need a life.

I miss my van. I don't always need to go out, but the option is afforded me if I so choose. I go bonkers when I don't have wheels.

I love living in Germany. Germany is one of the Greenest countries in the world.

But... a little, tiny, eensie, teensie, almost un-noticeable oil leak should not flunk a Mercedes that leads to a 6-7 day down-time for a fix.

Monday, July 20, 2009

My Baby Is Really Growing Up

We took the boy out looking for a car.

He needs to get a job and we will be attending a job fair this week to find one. There are 90 positions to fill and the Services people are hoping that maybe 50 people will attend the job fair so its pretty good odds that the boy will get a job.

That said, we found a really good used car on the Lemon lot that will fit his needs.

He test drove the car and it is sweet for him. A little pricier that he wanted, but a good car. He called the dude back after coming home and talking to his father and me and decided that he wanted to get the car.

Heavy pacing and anguish in the house, he is growing up. "How can I afford the money? I don't have a job. That's a lot of money. I have never bought a car before."

The "First National Bank of Momma" will help.

He made the decision that he really wanted the car and insisted on calling the dude back and negotiating the deal. Coached of course. The deal was accepted and it is affordable for all. Sweet.

So Wednesdayis the drop dead day.

Job Fair, purchase car, get license, and good growth of son.

My baby is really growing up.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Did I Mention That It Is In My Town

Have I ever mentioned how much I love living here? Probably never. NOT.

Well, the Ohmbachsee fest is going on this weekend. I love the Ohmbachsee.

I really, really like the Seefest.

We got to see munchkins flying through the air.

What seems to be two foot long sausages cooking on a grill. Boy, were they long.

Glowing beer bottles.

Two of my favorite men in my life. They are grinning because the beer fairy came down and visited them.

This standee uppeee guy kept waving at me.

People sitting down for long periods of time. Bad form of course. Need to keep moving to find the perfect beer and band. And to stay sober.

Dancing in the beer stand. The vendors like having fun too.

Love is in the air. Well, on the tush in this case. He was doing some major patting. Kinda in time with the music. LOL.

Aaaaaaah. The fireworks.

AWESOME. Lighting of the lake.
I really enjoyed this fest. OBTW. Did I mention that it is in my town?

Friday, July 17, 2009

OMG The Town Is Rockin'

I think I may have made a mistake staying home tonight.

The town is rocking and I am not a part of it.

The music that is filtering up is so good.

The climb up the mountain is still scary, but with enough beer in me, I might be fearless coming home.

Oh well, tomorrow is an even better rocking, living in Germany night.

I soooo love German fests. Especially when they are in my little town.

I Will Keep Ya Posted On That One

OK, I know its been forever since I have posted, but I have one of my dribs and drabs sorta posts to do. Life is really crazy lately. Got lots of stuff to fill ya in the next few days.

The boy has definately settled in. We are past the honeymoon period and at each others throats. Not really, but are acknowledging that he needs to make some decisions about where his life is going to go. And get out of each others space for a couple of hours each day. Momma loves him, he loves Momma, we both need a little space.

I can't blame him. He is living with the Momma 24/7 and I drive him nuts. I keep telling him its a short trip and he just rolls his eyes.

He has been living on his own for the past year so living with the parents again is a tad stressful. Ya think????

He doesn't have a car and can't drive ours so he cleaned up the bicycle in the shed to get away at times. The only problem is that we live on a mountain. Fun going down, not so fun going up.

Good news is that the public transportation in Germany is really good. We will investigate public transportation this weekend.

The really good news is that the Dad and he went down to the fest by the Ohmbachsee this evening. I kinda wanted to go but the climb up the mountain to get back home scares the Bejesus out of me. Once again, going down is cool, the climb back up is scary.

I will keep ya posted on that one.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Just As I Have Always Done

I am no longer alone during the day.

Son # 2 arrived Monday afternoon. Fresh faced and excited about the prospect of living in Germany.

His father and I put together the studio section of the house for the boy. Actually the most of the third floor, so he could have some private living space. I found a bed on a local yard sale site and fashioned a room partition out of a clothing rack and a couple of hanging, closet sweater holders. Add in a covered off-season clothing storage bag.

Viola.... a room divider. Shaky at best, but it works for now and he has a private sitting room area along with his bed.

We will figure out the other small stuff when we come to it.

But..... the boy is having the time of his life.

We took him up the street Wednesday for a schnitzel dinner; he grinned the whole evening. Da Toni, the owner greeted him like he was the long lost son who had recently returned and was missed greatly.

I sent him outside to help one of the neighbors with a really labor intense chore and he was invited to stay for a beer afterwards.

He will find his own way, much the same as I found my way. I am just here to help guide him along the journey.

Just as I have always done.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

What A Touchy World We Live In Today

For the obnoxious poster.

This is my blog. If I am unable to post for several days there must be a reason for my absence. How does this concern you?

I choose to have a blog.

You choose to remain semi-anonymous. And check in on my comments on life.

Please kindly refrain from those types of comments.

Tisk. What a touchy world we live in today.