Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Was A Witness To A Miracle

I was a witness to a miracle.

The past couple of months I was honored to be a part of a miracle in the making.

It started when I met a gal on the Internet chat boards locally here.

So from the beginning:

Early Spring: I asked for a couple of flower pots several months back on a Freecycle site. I received a response that just totally overwhelmed me. I received more pots than I could use in several lifetimes. The gal was moving to Turkey, ran out of time to get the pots cleaned up before the movers came and was left with all sorts of flower pots. It being a Freecycle board I promised that I would Freecycle what I couldn't use.

Being the "SheWho" that I am, I kept my promise.

I used what I needed and advertised on the boards for free flower pots.

A gal emailed me back and requested the pots. She showed up at the Ohmbachsee for me to lead her to the house since many of the roads into town were closed at the time.

We came to the house and she and her younger daughter took the flower pots and we chatted and decided that we might like to get together again for socializing.

She and her family have since become dear friends to our family.