Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Was A Witness To A Miracle Part II

This family has two girls. A 16 YO and a 9 YO.

The girls are adorable and you can tell the Momma put in the right amount of love, and hard work to raise them properly.

Well... the Momma and Daddy have been trying to have a baby for several years. Things haven't been going exactly as planned or desired. They tried several options including the obvious. And there wasn't any babys in the foreseeable future.

Time, being that it is, tends to slip away and other issues cropped up and well, it became obvious that having a baby of their own would not be possible.

So the Momma and Daddy decided to adopt a little one. They started to attend adoption seminars and conferences. (Before I met them I didn't even realize that there were adoption conferences. Who'da thunk. Silly me.)

The family had recently moved here when I met them and they were in the process of starting the seminars and conferences circuit again in this part of the world. Networking is a big part of a possible adoption, especially if it is a local adoption.

So tongue in cheek, I was asked if I knew any young unmarried pregnant girls that wanted to give up their baby for adoption.

Actually no I do not.