Friday, July 17, 2009

I Will Keep Ya Posted On That One

OK, I know its been forever since I have posted, but I have one of my dribs and drabs sorta posts to do. Life is really crazy lately. Got lots of stuff to fill ya in the next few days.

The boy has definately settled in. We are past the honeymoon period and at each others throats. Not really, but are acknowledging that he needs to make some decisions about where his life is going to go. And get out of each others space for a couple of hours each day. Momma loves him, he loves Momma, we both need a little space.

I can't blame him. He is living with the Momma 24/7 and I drive him nuts. I keep telling him its a short trip and he just rolls his eyes.

He has been living on his own for the past year so living with the parents again is a tad stressful. Ya think????

He doesn't have a car and can't drive ours so he cleaned up the bicycle in the shed to get away at times. The only problem is that we live on a mountain. Fun going down, not so fun going up.

Good news is that the public transportation in Germany is really good. We will investigate public transportation this weekend.

The really good news is that the Dad and he went down to the fest by the Ohmbachsee this evening. I kinda wanted to go but the climb up the mountain to get back home scares the Bejesus out of me. Once again, going down is cool, the climb back up is scary.

I will keep ya posted on that one.