Monday, July 20, 2009

My Baby Is Really Growing Up

We took the boy out looking for a car.

He needs to get a job and we will be attending a job fair this week to find one. There are 90 positions to fill and the Services people are hoping that maybe 50 people will attend the job fair so its pretty good odds that the boy will get a job.

That said, we found a really good used car on the Lemon lot that will fit his needs.

He test drove the car and it is sweet for him. A little pricier that he wanted, but a good car. He called the dude back after coming home and talking to his father and me and decided that he wanted to get the car.

Heavy pacing and anguish in the house, he is growing up. "How can I afford the money? I don't have a job. That's a lot of money. I have never bought a car before."

The "First National Bank of Momma" will help.

He made the decision that he really wanted the car and insisted on calling the dude back and negotiating the deal. Coached of course. The deal was accepted and it is affordable for all. Sweet.

So Wednesdayis the drop dead day.

Job Fair, purchase car, get license, and good growth of son.

My baby is really growing up.