Friday, July 10, 2009

Just As I Have Always Done

I am no longer alone during the day.

Son # 2 arrived Monday afternoon. Fresh faced and excited about the prospect of living in Germany.

His father and I put together the studio section of the house for the boy. Actually the most of the third floor, so he could have some private living space. I found a bed on a local yard sale site and fashioned a room partition out of a clothing rack and a couple of hanging, closet sweater holders. Add in a covered off-season clothing storage bag.

Viola.... a room divider. Shaky at best, but it works for now and he has a private sitting room area along with his bed.

We will figure out the other small stuff when we come to it.

But..... the boy is having the time of his life.

We took him up the street Wednesday for a schnitzel dinner; he grinned the whole evening. Da Toni, the owner greeted him like he was the long lost son who had recently returned and was missed greatly.

I sent him outside to help one of the neighbors with a really labor intense chore and he was invited to stay for a beer afterwards.

He will find his own way, much the same as I found my way. I am just here to help guide him along the journey.

Just as I have always done.