Monday, March 17, 2008

I Escaped

The basement did not win, this time.

I enticed gal pal Becky to come over yesterday afternoon. (I am so evil).

She is really getting into the whole, Earth Mother thingee, and I told her she could have all my seeds. Many of them are heirloom seeds. Think, Save the Earth. Heirloom, organic seeds.

I had her.

Come to my basement, my dear.

She saw the whole seed starting setup and started to drool.

I can't take most of that stuff to Germany and it is unwise to do storage, long term. So why take up the space, when it is only going to be trash 4 years later?

I gave her my seed starting cells, my seeds, a pair of kids binoculars, broken craft glass, Elmers glue, embroidery hoops, clothes, Christmas tins, (Skipbo for God's sake) etc. etc. etc.

She is still drooling.

She's coming back for more, when she can get a truck.