Friday, February 29, 2008

Boodalicious Bootay

I was talking on the cell with Son # 2 while at work the other day and he was asking me about work hours vs. school crap. What should he do? He didn't have any time for a social life. Blah, Blah, Blah.

I got all snarky, weird on him and started to talk about how the Spousal Unit and I have no social life either. We are feeling the need, the absolute urge for the fledgling to fly the nest cause this Mama needs to clean the newly empty nest. (Its still not empty).

He got snarky back at me (Chip off the old block - Spousal Unit wants me to clarify that he is not snarky).

So I started talking about my Boodalicious Bootay with the whole head swingy thing goin' on and how the Spousal Unit might like to spend some adult time with the "She who."

He just started into the standard kid harangue: Ew, ew, ew, yuck, I so, do not want to know those things about my parents rant.

Being the loving, supportive mother that I am... I AMP up the conversation.

Just then I see coworker, Wee One, busting a gut giggling. She points to the Big Boss standing behind me. He obviously had been standing there for quite some time. I put the other foot in my mouth, since one foot in mouth is never enough, and ask how much of the conversation he over heard.

Not answering directly, he goes into the whole "She who" Boodalicious Bootay mimic thing.

He's got the Boodalicious Bootay part down pat.