Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm Sick

The creaping CRUD is in the building.

This household avoided the roaming sickness that has been going around all Winter until now. I mentioned in an earlier post that I would probably get sick after all the conference stuff was accomplished. Unfortunately, I was correct.

I don't get sick often, but when I do it isn't pretty.

Most over the counter stuff is off limits to me. A kid's dose of Triaminic makes me loopy for days. Sudafed type meds are not good for my blood pressure. So I do homeopathic type remedies to help me through the major stages of the CRUD.

I highly recommend Gypsy Cold Care tea bags. Let the bag steep in the tea while sipping. This remedy works for me for several hours. Just make sure to have a stock pile and not just one bag, like me at work today. Felt Ok for a few hours and then was slammed back to miserableness.

If the CRUD settles in my chest, I get to do one of my favorite things. I make a mustard plaster. Tablespoon of dry mustard, tablespoon of flour, just enough water to make a paste and slime that stuff on plastic wrap. Make a packet and insert packet into a clean kitchen towel. DO NOT FORGET THE KITCHEN TOWEL. I forgot once. Had second degree burns in the morning. Chest was loosening but the burns hurt and I looked very strange in the bathroom mirror after showering for days.

A coworker recommended Zicam. I picked up a box. It helps. I got the method of delivery recommended by cowoker. The swabs.

Let me tell you, I sure do love the competition between the warm slimy stuff coming out of the nose with the cold slimy stuff I swab in. Ew Yuck.