Sunday, February 3, 2008

Allowin' Myself to Get Sick

Tomorrow starts the beginning of a very busy week. It is the kick off (Final walk through, set up, and shopping day for the conference). The conference itself runs Tuesday - Thursday. Our task has had this conference yearly since the task began. This means that we have held the conference since right after the human capability for speech began.

This year I have the pleasure of shopping for 2 1/2 meals per day for 175 people for the three days of the conference. I have a semi-limited budget. I must order in for the actual lunch meal. The choices at this location are limited also.

This duty I brought on myself. I volunteered. If I had not, it would have been assigned to me. I keep doing these things to myself. Add - helpful, kind, thoughtful, and considerate to things about me.

This next week is going to be sheer Hedoublehockeysticks. I do believe I can allow myself to get sick that week after. Right now I just need to pencil it into my schedule.