Saturday, February 16, 2008


Yesterday was really YUCKY for me.

Pine Lawn, MO has just recently passed a new law forbidding the practice of sagging. Guys and gals will be arrested for showing their backsides as a fashion statement. This subject was the main event on the talk radio channels.

I posted and unposted a "She who" RANT about this new law and used a poor apples and oranges comparison to the shooting at Northern Illinois University.

I am very upset about both events.

I am saddened that our future possible leaders feel the need to flash their buns in public as a means of free speech. I am flabbergasted that this is a free speech issue at all. Actually for me, this is a public decency issue. If you want to strut the stuff, do it at home with the SO. I so... don't want to see your JUNK on the street. AND you look ridiculous as you sprint across the street and have to stop to pull up the drawers as they fall down around the ankles.

I am more than saddened about the newest college shooting at Northern Illinois. I have 2 boys that attend college and I am scared for them. As a mother, I worry about them all the time. Mothers do that. I acknowledge that as grown boys/men they must find their way in their own time. Mamma can't kiss the boo boos and make everything better any more. But I still worry.

I also can't obsess over these events without losing myself.

I'll find a balance. It just wasn't yesterday.