Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Just Need To Pick Up a Few Things

I have a girlfriend.

She HATES to go to the store for groceries.

She calls me. Nellie, whatcha doing for lunch?

Me: I don't know, why, what do you have in mind?

Jaki: Do you mind going to the Commissary with me?

Me: Jaki, Do you need to pick up a few things?

Jaki: YAH, I just need a few things.

So we go to the Military grocery store (Commissary) together on our lunch breaks. She just needs to pick up a few things. A full friggin' grocery cart later that takes me to pull and steer and her to push we get to leave. AND it's my fault that she needed so many items because I was unavailable last week to go shopping because of the conference. She wouldn't go alone 'cause I always know what she needs.

Woman, I don't even know what's in your pantry.

Jaki this one's for you.

Love ya more.