Friday, February 8, 2008

More Conference Crap

The kitchen that is not a kitchen. It has all the stuff for a great presentation. It does not have anything that allows one to actually prepare food other than semi decent knives to cut up food.

Killer fountain soda machine set up. And, the coffee brewer isn't bad. Not Starbucks quality, but capable of putting out 50 gallons of standard blahhhhhh coffee in ten or so minutes.

It has a stack washer and dryer to wash and clean the bar towels every night.

It has a dishwasher that does a load in 4 minutes. True, we have to rinse and scrub everything prior to loading. Don't most women do that anyway????

It does not have a cooktop. It does not have an oven. It does have a small microwave that I do not consider an oven.

What I could have done with a cooktop and a little pasta. I could have brought the cost down to maybe $3.00 a day.

Don't even get me started on soup or chili possibilities.