Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hump Day

Today is Wednesday. DUH!!

I did very little at work today. I usually hump my not so petite A$$ all day at work.

Today was really slow and so I cruised the NET and did some reading.

I even asked some coworkers about subjects to blog about tonight. Most of the coworkers came up with a blank, deer in the headlights stare or shrugged their shoulders.

Wee One suggested a couple of ideas that might be good for her blog, but are not suitable for my voice here. She leads a much more interesting life than I do. She is also single and very young.

Do any of you remember those days of being so carefree? I do. I just don't want those days to come back. I'll take the years earned, wisdom learned any day.

The youthful skin tone I do miss.

As an after thought:

Spousal Unit is after me to find a topic and wax philsophically on the subject and discuss the topic in length. (Men, they just don't understand. Maybe they do. Whatever).

I would like that. Just right now, too many objects are swimming in my ADD brain. I will reflect on this and probably come up with a suitable post.