Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Weak Mind Wandering

OMG, I go from not doing a thing, to do to working my A$$ off all day!

The new Gal is off to Paris tomorrow morning for two weeks and the stuff really hit the fan. The two of us were just buried under work. She needed to tie up loose ends and I hope she emails me to let me know what I need to finish.

I left her this evening with the advice... Don't get into an elevator at the Eiffel Tower with a Frenchman. Ya kinda have to have been there, to appreciate a Frenchman on a Summer day.

My nail appointment. My lovely nail appointment. I can let my nails grow out again. The houses are done and rented and OCCUPIED!!!!!!! It will take awhile but I can once again have my vanity back. YEAH.

The cats haven't puked yet. True, I really didn't go searching for any puke, would you? They have also decided that they love me. I am feeding them this week.... so what's not to love?

To show their love, they hauled A$$ through the bathroom this morning, up on the side of the tub, into the tub, and back out through the house. The two cats sounded like a herd of horses. Thank God I wasn't takin' a sip of coffee, I would have spewed, it was so funny.

Well that's all for now, it is just my weak mind wandering, for the moment.