Saturday, July 12, 2008

Friday Dribs and Drabs - Lots of Dribble

I spoke to Spousal Unit this morning. Yeah!

The van was finally released from the customs hedoublehockysticks void. Blacky the sportster car is also in-country and Spousal Unit plans to drive up to the port, next week, to pick it up.

Spousal Unit finally got to have a sit down with his boss and do an intake interview. He came away feeling really great about where he is and where the job is going to take him.

I had my first really great day today in a long time. I have the weight of MY world off my shoulders. The house is rented. I had Boys help me clean out the dredges, and I only have a few things that need to be done.

My Girl Pal wants me to give up the ghost, saying that the house is rented and to stop doing STUFF. I say that I am getting a good rent and I want to provide value for that rent.

Son Number One is at the friends cabin this weekend. Pray for him. Last year, he in his infinate 21 year old wisdom, decided to jump the cabin in a 4 wheeler. Permanent scars and a cracked rib later he decided that 4 wheelers are not to his taste. I sent him off with a hope that he has a good and safe time.

Have a great weekend I'll be back online Sunday night, hopefully.