Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Have Usually Lived in a Semi-rural Setting, Just Not This Rural

Living with the Waki Jaki is a little different than with my other friends. My other friends live in a subdivision with acreage, just outside of the town we lived. The amenities of country life are available to them, while the convenience of town life is only a moment away. Much like the life I lived, though on the other side of town.

I am out now out in the the real country surrounded by corn fields. Travel to work is thirty five minutes rather than the ten minutes I was used to having. Slight adjustments are going to be required for the morning routine.

It is very peaceful here and you can almost hear the corn growing in the fields. The majority of it is field corn for sale and the feeding of the livestock. There is a small patch of sweet corn nestled into the field corn, hidden so that passing by locals don't steal the corn. I understand that the stealing of sweet corn has occurred in the past and the reason why they need to hide the patch.

This family has young munchkins, so the house buzzes, at times with the voices of two little boys. They are sons of a farmer, and therefore have chores they do when they get up in the morning to help out their parents. They assist with the feeding of the livestock and horses.

The youngest boy helped his Mom pull weeds in the garden late this morning, while the older boy went with his Dad to help dig a trench for the water pipe to bring water from the well to help irrigate some of the fields.

This is going to be a totally new experience for me staying out here for the next several weeks. I have usually lived in a semi-rural setting, just not this rural.