Friday, October 17, 2008

I Bet He Never Forgets Required Documents Again

OK class, since the Spousal Unit forgot to give me a set of orders for me to take my driving test, you get to suffer along with me through my continued studying. He might never live this down. That or he better bring me some really good stuff from his trip next week.

Below are listed some of the study tools required to be memorized for passing the test. See if you can figure out the right-before-left laws. HINT: Whoever is on the right has the priority. Usually.

My first choice is to say the the bicyclist has priority. Wrong. Because he is turning left that takes him out of the running and car #2 gets to go first. It probably isn't wise to turn in front of a semi either.

What order may the vehicles proceed. This is an easy one. 1-2-3. Unmarked intersections are right-before-left.

What does the driver of vehicle 2 have to do? This one is straight forward also, even though it looks a little weird. Vehicle 2 has to observe the right-away of vehicle 3. The hot red sports car gets to go last.
When may vehicle 3 proceed? After vehicles 1 and 2. The biker has a yield sign and must wait for the two vehicles that have the priority. He is gonna love following that horse drawn wagon.

Which two vehicles have to wait at these junctions? Did you guess vehicles 2 and 3? Good, because that's the correct answer. It hurts my brain but.... vehicle 4 is on the priority at this intersection so #3 has to yield, and vehicle 1 is right-before-left.

OK, class is over for today and we will resume our lessons early tomorrow.

Spousal Unit is just starting his lessons. Tee Hee! He is taking me shopping this weekend. As in, tonight, tomorrow and Sunday. The stores are open this Sunday, which is very unusual. So, I get to fix his little red wagon. He hates shopping. I bet he never forgets required documents again.