Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Look Forward To More Coffee Mornings And Munchkins

I went for coffee yesterday morning. I met a gal online, in a group that I joined several months ago.

Remember when I was going through my "Give My Stuff Away" phase? Well, I did another Yahoo Groups search and found a large group of people reaching out to each other at this base.

I gleaned all sorts of information from this group and didn't feel so lonely, lost when I got here because of them.

I knew where to go to get my nails done. My only vice. Yeah right.

I knew about the online yard sales site. I bought some used fans, no air conditioning here, and a used chest freezer last week.

Really decent prices on thoses items. So I can get my nails done. Really, I'm not kidding, my only vice.

Anyway, this gal sells Partylite stuff and I kinda, sorta invited myself to the party she was having. I wanted to go, to get some STUFF, but more importantly to meet some people. Well, Spousal Unit and I got all involved in putting the house together that afternoon/evening and by the time I realized what time it was, it was too late to attend. Spousal Unit is like that.

Well, the gal e-mailed me back and we met for coffee yesterday. She is in the next town/village over and she is adorable. Really young, but adorable. I also got to meet her upstairs neighbor and their collective, several munchkins. I have two new coffee friends.

I kinda miss munchkins being around. Though the visual of the one mom talking about sucking her son's snot was a doozie. I know, I promised not to blog about it, but I just couldn't pass that one up.

I look forward to more coffee mornings and munchkins. I've decided I can be the favorite "Aunt She Who" for awhile.