Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What's Left To Do?

I've been working on the house recently. It is starting to come together. Spousal Unit gave me 30 days to use him as my "Beast of Burden." That means that for 30 days I can move things about, or I should say that I can direct him to move things about.

We recently purchased the TV stand and put it together. It fits the wall space and I get my sofa table back.

The kitchen still needs a little work. Being so small little is the key word. Luckily Spousal Unit took OK pictures on his initial visit so I was able to judge what to bring. Actually I judged what to bring on all his pictures and he also provided measurements for the rooms and other areas.

The living area is adjacent to the kitchen. This is the largest area. It is supposed to be the dining area but go figure. My sofa and love seat wouldn't fit in the supposed area so I just flipped them. I found a small table and chairs that I put under the window (Upper left in the picture) so we have no excuse to eat on the coffee table every night. He did last night just so he can show me who's boss. Yeah right.

Below is the dining area, because I said so. It fits the furniture and we can play music without leaving our seat. That would be if the stereo worked. Looking for a new sound system in the near future.

All in all I am very pleased with the accomplishments we have made. The house is really coming together.

Until you get to the third floor. Oops! That photo is supposed to be in the before shots. Anyway I am not in too much of a hurry to get everything done. I guess I figure if I get the house done too fast what's left to do? SHOP?????