Thursday, October 16, 2008

He Really Wants to Keep Me Out of the Stores

Fahrvergnügen is a German word that means "the pleasure of driving", and it must've been coined to describe driving in Germany. The country has an extensive, well-maintained road network, signposting is excellent, and Teutonic cars are among the best on the planet. While taking the train will get you most places, sometimes a car may be your preferred (or necessary) means of transport. (Brian's Guide to Driving in Germany)

I have been studying all this past week to test for my driver's license.

The rules of the road are quite different in Germany than in the States and therefore studying is essential to pass the test. The study guide is over 60 pages long and is one of the most confusing booklets I have ever read.

I should be a pro at taking this test by now since I have held a military license for Germany 3 times in the past. This would be my 4th time for this type of license.

Well, the brain is fried from all the studying I've been doing. I took the study test yesterday and did rather well. True, I missed a couple, but only a couple and I am up to speed for the test.

I needed to get up early to be at the base by 7:15 this morning to sign in and take the test. I got up, showered, had some coffee, and studied the guide for a few more minutes before Spousal Unit drove me to the base.

The drive in was pleasant. We live in a small village that is about 20 minutes away from the base. The roads are good, though driving through the many small towns can be a challange with all the stop and go traffic caused by parked cars on the sidewalks and streets.

We arrived in plenty of time for Spousal Unit to drop me off and for me to fill out the forms. I approached the counter to hand in the paperwork and was told that I needed a copy of Spousal Unit's orders to continue.

While waiting for the Spousal Unit to arrive with orders in hand, the testing room door was shut. No testing for the "She Who" today.

I made an appointment to test this coming Monday.

I've decided that he really wants to keep me out of the stores.