Thursday, October 16, 2008

German Signs

I have been studying for my driver's test. I was supposed to have taken it today but Spousal Unit messed up and didn't give me a set of orders. I really think he wants to keep me out of the stores so I don't go shopping. He gave himself a new acronym name on the way home, ISU - Inconsiderate Spousal Unit. Today the name fits. If only because I have to go back to studying the booklet over the weekend to make sure I pass the test on Monday.

OK, class give it your best shot for what these signs mean. Answers to follow.

Sign #1 On coming traffic is going to trash your paint job. Use alternate travel route.

Sign #2 Parking for gay hikers only.

Sign #3 Your car is going to end up in the river. Don't drive on this road.

Sign # 4 Look for the pretty snowflake. While driving at 120 mph.

Sign #5 Big kids kicking the Sh!! out of the little kids. A bully alert.

Sign #6 Hope your're going in the right direction and that the new shocks work.