Friday, June 13, 2008

Woo Hoo - One Down - One To GO

Last night I signed a lease. I am ecstatic. The new tenants wanted a long term lease.

I am stressed to the max about getting my house ready for renters and then the other foot fell.

My old tenants gave me a 3 day notice and said that the deposit would suffice for the 30 day notice rent. NOT. I have no way to contact them at this time so everything may be a moot point.

They left a cord of wood in the garage so I need to get a termite inspection.

They didn't clean the house or the carpeting or have the fireplaces cleaned or inspected so I get to do all this on my dime.

I am not a slum lord so I will do all that needs to be done to get the house rentable.

I advertised the house prior to having all the tasks done and started showing the house. My Murphy's law luck of course kicked in.

The ceiling downstairs is now being repaired from the toilet overflowing and at this time, for once, I am on task to have everything accomplished in a timely manner.

There was one couple that saw beyond the needed repair and asked to be considered. They gave me a deposit and the credit check money and went home and waited. Their references and credit check came back good. I like them even more, the second time I met with them. A really nice family that just needs more room.

And, they want to stay long term. They signed a 4 year lease, just to stay in the same neighborhood.