Thursday, June 12, 2008

She Is Also My "Feisty Cuss."

16 years ago we move from Germany to Illinois. We moved into a nice subdivision and worked on making friends on the street.

There was one family that moved in on Halloween day and were prepared to hand out Halloween candy that evening.

I was prepared to hate this family immediately. How dare they be that organized?

Well, it turned out that they weren't that organized. They recruited a friend to pass out the candy while they moved in and earned "Brownie" points in the neighborhood. Still too organized in my opinion, but creative.

After the initial "I hate you forever, because you are so organized", we became BFFs. I am staying with her family for the most of my remaining time here in the states.

Her children may as well be my children. I adopted them informally. I love those kids.

They have a son and a daughter. The daughter is my only female link in all the unofficial offspring. She is also my "Feisty Cuss." My nickname for her. Can you feel my pain, for her pain yesterday?

The poor thing still needs her Mother's, Father's and my guidance to come out of the sun.