Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wednesday Bites, OOPS, Bytes

Wednesday bites, OOPS bytes.

Work is really slow. I can't stand slow. The day drags on and I can think of three bazillion things to do other than look like I am being productive.

Son # 2 called eight times today. I know it is his way of saying that he misses me and wants to stay in contact. Just come over and visit on occasion or invite me over.

Work does not like Son # 2 calling eight times in one day.

I listed my house over the weekend and had a family that assured me that they wanted to rent. Tuesday they called me and said that it might be too much work for the wife if.... IF he had to deploy. Have they ever heard of a lawn mowing service, and why did they make me wait??

I decided to list the house with a local management company. The manager viewed the house and sent me an email stating that she was anxious to take the listing. Now she hasn't gotten back to me via email or answered any of my phone messages. I don't know if she is swamped or if her assistant, who needs MAJOR customer service skills implanted somewhere, are the reason.