Friday, June 20, 2008

The House Flunked

I am starting to slide into the home stretch. I had my occupancy inspection this afternoon.

The house flunked. I knew it would, but I wanted to get a heads up on what I needed to fix sooner rather than later.

The guy was really nice, almost apologetic, about needing to write up some of the stuff. Some of the required remedies I knew about.

Reinstall stove and dishwasher.

DUH. I had them pulled them so the new flooring can be installed.

But, no mention of the live wire sticking out of the kitchen floor where the island was pulled also for the new flooring.

I need to put up some sheet rock on the unfinished walls in the basement to hide exposed wires.

We have a big scary enclosed wire thingee that used to power a hot tub/jacuzzi the former owners installed. The hot tub/jacuzzi was not there when we moved in, but now I need to figure out how to box up the ends.

While having the house painted, I told the painters that the downstairs, the former boy's lair, was being totally re-carpeted and not to worry about drop clothes. They did me one better and cut the carpet about four inches away from the walls. Easier to paint the baseboards.

The inspection mentions replacing carpet. Does that mean re-installing the four inches that was cut away or new carpet?

The biggest issue was to install gates on the deck and at ground level to the pool. I anticipated this requirement and already contracted out to have this work done.

I was worried that I would need to expand the deck all the way around the pool. But, because the pool is so tall the open end is considered a self deterrent.

Last and what I consider least, I need to install 3" numbers on my mail box with the house number. The gal I am staying with is the Postmistress. She says that's her job to tell me if this is a problem.

NOT the county inspectors.