Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Was Able to Speak to the Spousal Unit This Morning

I was able to speak to the Spousal Unit this morning. I sent him a heads up email that I would be calling as soon as I got into the office. I hadn't spoken to him since he left at the end of May.

I know that it is only two weeks, but so much Stuff has happened, mostly Yucky, bad, expensive stuff.

It was sooooo good to hear his voice again. I know he feels bad about what is happening, what I am going through right now. And neither of us can change what is occurring. We just need to deal with it.

I am so frustrated about the time difference. I have to contact him first thing in the morning, because his day is almost over at work. The day wears on and more stuff happens and I can't contact him.

I have six emails in today for his guidance, information, log ins, passwords alone.

I will get through this. Hopefully soon.