Wednesday, June 11, 2008

He Gets a BYE (Pass) for Today

Yesterday at work, I was so frustrated and frazzled that at the last moment, before the end of the day, I asked if I could take today off. Our work policy for vacation is 24 hours notice for every 24 hours of vacation. My boss was very understanding and said to go for it.

So I took today off. I was up at the normal 5:00 and hit the ground running. I read the responses that Spousal Unit provided to my emails, worked some of the bills, and planned my day.

List in hand, I was out the door by 6:30. I filled up the truck, got some non-Starbucks Colombian Dark Roast coffee, and realized I left the cell back at my friend's house.

I went back to the house, scooped up the cell and went to the the rental house and emptied the dehumidifier. The "godsend" dehumidifier was in our basement, in an area that I told the movers not to touch because it was in the boy's lair area. Totally forgotten and absolutely needed at this time. It is working and pulling the water out of the sub flooring. I took out the trash/crap the tenants left for the garbage man and was off to my house to talk to the painters.

Long story short, I accomplished all the tasks on my very long to do list and even got to speak to the Spousal Unit again. He answered all my emails. He just didn't give the right answers to a couple of them so I needed to talk to him to get the correct information.

He gets a BYE (pass) for today......... It's his birthday.