Thursday, June 5, 2008

That's All the Rants for the Night

More frustrations:

We are switching to Vonage. With Vonage we are able to keep our local number so people, including our children, can keep in touch with us without paying long distance charges. The two days of frustrating calls between AT&T and Vonage drove me nuts. And that's a short trip. I was finally able to port a local number to Vonage. The AT&T gal was really yucky. She asked why I wanted a local IL number in Germany? Because I can. Understand???????????

AT&T set us up for a new DSL. Hello.... I am disconnecting.

The mail is now being forwarded. The only reason that I caught wind of this latest disaster is because the Post Office got Spousal Unit and Son # 1 confused. We have a Senior and a Junior. The Post Office sorting software has a problem with JR and SR surnames. Son # 1 is staying for the Summer with the friends I am currently with, and my Gal Pal "The Laundry Queen" (TLQ) also works for the Post Office. I need to head some of this off at the source and really get the addresses changed.

I called AT&T this morning and couldn't get a human in a timely manner. After work I went to the house and called from the house account #. It took an hour on the phone to get the new "DSL WE DON'T WANT OR NEED" turned off. Polite and helpful people this time.

I am getting to the point....I don't need to deal with this CRAP. What happened to any sort of Customer Service?????

That's all the rants for the night. I don't want to deal with it more tonight.