Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Need An Oil Change And A Loan For More Gas

Two weekends ago I hopped into the "Big Red Truck" to start the day. After I started "the baby" up, I looked down and saw the mileage. I like the symmetry.

Last September I had had enough and talked the Spousal Unit into looking for a truck.

We have lived on a "Gentleman's Farm" for eight years. We have all sorts of yard equipment that needs to be fixed each Spring. We have downed trees. We haul in mountains of mulch each year.

We have a couple of rentals that we need to muck out on occasion.

In the past the Spousal Unit just folded my van's seats down into the floor and used the van as a truck. My sweet little van doesn't like to be used as a truck. The poor thing rebelled and said, "No More Momma." I totally agreed with her and started my Internet search for a truck.

Well, I found a sweet deal on a truck and then when we went into the dealership we sweetened the deal even more.

Mr. "I Don't Want a Truck" has used the truck as a needed piece of equipment from the time we got it though we don't usually put on a whole bunch of mileage.

The truck has been a Godsend. As mentioned earlier we hadn't put a whole lot of miles on it up until now. The "Big Red Truck" has been great. It is also the only vehicle we have that is left in the States.

I am freaking over the gas prices and the mileage I am putting on the baby.

With all my running around lately, three tank fulls of gas later, I need an oil change and a loan for more gas.