Saturday, June 21, 2008

Carpets and Shane

Today was a day of ups and downs.

The carpet cleaner came this morning and Rita, the gal who cleans for me, let them in. Rita is also the carpet guy's mom so I assume that they had coffee together as they surveyed the damage.

Have I ever mentioned that my sons are slobs?

I am replacing all the carpeting in the lower level because they trashed the carpeting. I have sworn that after they left, I would gut the whole area and call the fire department to have them hose everything out. I have come very close to that prediction.

Well, after surveying the damage to the rugs, the carpet guy called me at work. He said that he had good news and bad news.

In my family this is never a good statement. (As an aside, I say that to the Spousal Unit and hope he wants the good news first. Good news is, "Sweetness, I really, really love you. Let's chat about the bad news at a later time.")

The good news is that the upstairs carpets are OK. The bad news was that the main floor carpets have a wear pattern that carpet guy didn't think he could get out.

I said, "Shane, please try, I am out of money. I have you budgeted for cleaning but none for replacement. Just do your best."

The rest of the day I spent worrying and researching. Worrying about which orifice I could possibly pull the nonexistent money out of to pay for new carpeting and researching where I could find carpeting that could be purchased and laid in a very timely manner.

I didn't come up with many options.

This evening I passed up a very needed night out with some of my coworkers to go check out the carpeting.

Shane is once again "THE MAN." There was one mysterious spot that he couldn't get out. I didn't think he would be able to get that one, but it is not too bad.

The rest of the carpeting is glorious.