Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Last Name Is Not Murphy, but Lately It Should Be

Calamity du Jour - Saturday.

I went over to the other house to clean. The tenants gave me a three days notice that the were leaving. They originally said that they would pay for the 30 days notice. Then Friday they said that they were only going to pay a portion of the rent and to use the rest from the deposit. NOT..... Not per the lease.

They left a lot of crap in the house. Expensive crap, but I really don't need to deal with this stuff right now. They like Trader Joe's and Whole Foods alot so you know the type of crap they left. But I can't use any of this upscale crap right now.

Anyway after we got all the crap out of the house it wasn't too bad. Clean the kitchen and baths. On further inspection, I need to hire a chimney sweep, termite inspector, and rug cleaner.

He also hid that the toilet leaked on occasion.

We are good landlords. As an example: The dishwasher went out and they had a new one the next day.

If they had a problem we fixed it immediately. Why didn't they report this?????

The toilet was leaking and wasn't readily noticeable immediately.

I went in today to show the house and while turning on the lights I went into the bathroom the floor squished.

I spent today shop vacuuming up to close to three gallons of water from the bathroom floor alone. The ceiling downstairs finally stopped running a river of water around 3:00 this afternoon.

My contractor guy was really good and came over immediately. They will start fixing everything starting Monday.

My last name is not Murphy, but lately it feels like it should be.