Monday, November 17, 2008

Yup. Caught Red Handed

Silly me. I like to tippy toe up to the Spousal Unit and take pictures.

Here he is taking a break from the high finances to play his favorite game. Snood. Why he likes the game? I have no idea. Looks like I need to suggest that he get a haircut in the near future. Boy is he getting a little shaggy.

Spousal Unit's desk is a little messy. That's OK. He is still sorting through the receipts of the past few months. That is when he isn't playing Snood.

Look a that expression of sheer concentration.

Uh Oh. I think he may be on to me. May be I didn't tippy toe lightly enough. Maybe it was the camera's flash that gave me away.

Yup. Caught red handed. Or camera'd.