Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bits and Bytes

I am going to Belgium tomorrow. At 0 Dark Thirty. ( That means I am getting up at 3:oo to leave here at 4:00 to meet at 5:00 AM in the morning.)

A gal I met online to buy a freezer is going to accompany me to a Flea market. I bought her freezer, her crockpot, some of her plants. Yesterday through the local online yard sale site I bought her 220 volt paper shredder.

One of the plants I bought.
Today I requested to buy her planters. She mentioned in a reply post that she wanted to do one last Flea Market shop in Belgium. This Flea Market is awesome. She got a crazy thought that maybe I might want to go to the Flea Market. Well DUH.

Who woulda thunk that I would have met up with someone so soon to be a shopping buddy. Major tears. She is leaving. This could have been a match made in heaven. Sorry Spousal Unit, us girls gotta stick together, when it comes to shopping. Love you anyway. Kiss, kiss.
Today Spousal Unit and I went out to pick up the Komode. (Piece of furniture that will hold the phone and hide all the other stuff.) It comes in a box and you get to build it. Not IKEA quality. But functional. He does an awesome job, doesn't he????
I also bought some plants for landscaping the side of the house. Most of these are perennials so I won't have to buy them again.

My best buy of the week, I think is my new watering can. $1.25. It shows a little wear and tear but just the size I want. I love thrift shops.

Oh yeah. The curtains fell down again.