Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Mist" What???

Several posts ago I mentioned that I was going to Belgium for the flea market. Well, I went and had yet another adventure. For me, anymore, getting out of bed in the morning is an adventure.

The drive wasn't too bad. I even drove in the dark which is something I seldom do anymore. It was raining, but there wasn't too much traffic. It only took us 2 1/2 hours and my new found friend and I chatted all the way.

The market is in the town of Tongeren. Seems that they hold a market every Sunday in the square and around the town. There are two halls that have vendors with indoor tables.

A statue/fountain in the town square. Ladies, aren't you being a little risque?

My new found friend is leaving to go back to the States in the beginning of the year and was scared that she wouldn't get every treasure she wanted before leaving. She did.

The van was loaded. Here are a couple of her treasures. Two wooded well water buckets and a pair of old shoes someone painted with flowers.

This bucket she had been eyeing for some time. She thought that it was for the grape harvesters in the fields. The pickers wears the bucket on his/her back and put grape into it. Imagine her surprise when the sales gal said it was for the "mist." What??? "Mist" What is that?? The cow shit. For fertilizing the grape vines. Well, I must say that is going to be an interesting conversation piece hanging in her living room.

This is just a random tower sitting on the side of the road, as I got lost on the way back home. I hadn't printed out the direction in reverse and my new found friend had a hard time interpreting them backwards.

This is my treasure. I had been wanting a magnifying glass for some time now. It really has nothing to do with my age related eyesight. Honest. But it is an English antique with inlaid stones.