Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Watch Out Waist I'm Cooking Again

Right now I am just returning from the commissary (military grocery store). The place was packed, as I knew it would be. I drove around the parking lot for 20 minutes before I found a parking spot.

Here in Germany, on the bases, grabbing a parking spot is a learned talent. On most days it pays to get to where ever you are going as soon as the store opens, or even prior to the opening, just to get a parking spot.

If the possibility of an early arrival is not feasible, you learn to lurk and hover. You drive slowly around the lot and wait for a shopper to come out of the store. Follow the shopper to the parked car, put on the turn signal and wait till all the purchases are loaded and the shopper pulls out. Quickly pull into the newly vacated spot before someone steals the spot and proceed on about your business.

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, every spouse in this corner of the world was there. Hence the crammed lot.

I just needed to pick up a few things. I really should know by now not to go to the grocery store when I am hungry. I just needed some Fritos scoops and a couple cans of chili (chili cheese dip) for a dish that I am making for the potluck luncheon tomorrow.

Well, once there I picked up the finishing touches for the day after Thanksgiving dinner I am making Spousal Unit. We are invited to spend the actual holiday with new found friends. But I want leftovers. So I am going to cook a full dinner on Friday.

I am making my famous coconut cream pie for taking to the Thanksgiving dinner, but felt that wasn't enough, so I bought some more eggs to make deviled eggs to take also.

Then I got a craving for my chili cheese casserole (totally different dish than the dip) for dinner tonight. Which meant that I needed to buy cheese and get some salsa fixings. You can't have chili cheese casserole without homemade salsa. I also needed to get sour cream for the tacos to go with the casserole.

You get the point. Everything kinda snowballed and we now have a very well stocked pantry and fridge.

Watch out waist I'm cooking again.