Thursday, November 6, 2008

OMG, I'm Attending Parties

Last weekend I went to the Bazaar and didn't spend anything. Not a penny.

That in itself is significant. I am the shopping queen. Or, at least I used to be.

Well, after the Bazaar I went to a Tupperware party. This was my first Tupperware party in 30 years.

Why you say, did I attend a Tupperware party? I'm glad you asked.

I attended because this is the way people, American military/women/spouses, meet each other through parties if they are not comfortable to meet each other in the other traditional manners of military protocol.

Being the retired, old farts that we are, we do not fit the criteria that most young military couples have. We are not on the radar.

I have joined several Internet groups and have met some lovely people. Munchkins included. I choose to reach out and touch people. That's me.

OMG, I'm attending parties. I am not expected to buy anything. But, meeting other gals sure is nice.